Siphon RapidWeaver Stack

One of our Must popular Stacks yet just got a big update. You spoke and we listened, adding a bunch of new useful features to Siphon since version 1.0.0.

? Add multiple Siphon forms on a single page
? Create complete branches of slides, allowing you to combine multiple forms into one
? Create forms with multiple submit slides
? Add conditional content with “If”, “If And”, “If Or” statements with a new included easy to use Stack
? Add email address validation with a single click
? Make the confirm button always visible
? Change the input display from underlines to boxes
? Add specific background settings to each slide
? The Submit Slide now supports sending an auto reply message. This auto reply supports the use of short-codes
? Now includes 2 more example files, showing you how to use the new features*
? New option to create your own custom email format using short-codes
? New option to handle the vertical alignment and height of Siphon

Check out the new examples

Due to some major changes you must use the purchase order form in order to get the updated example files.