Boost Toolbar

August 5, 2020

Setup Drag and drop the stack into the Stacks editor at the top of the page and make sure not to place it inside of another stack container (“drop stacks… Read More

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May 7, 2020

Setup After adding the stack to your project’s Stacks page, simply place any content you want to cling to the window inside the “drop stacks here” section. When the browser… Read More

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Timed Content

February 5, 2020

Setup After adding the Timed Content stack to the editor you will see three “Drop stacks here” sections.  Each one is referred to as a “State”. Stacks placed in State… Read More

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Motion Looper

November 14, 2019

Setup After adding the stack to your stacks page, add any content that you want to animate to the “Drop stacks here” section. In our example we will be using… Read More

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October 17, 2019

Setup In this setup example we will be creating a 3 column layout of 9 stacks to be shuffled. Add the Shuffler stack to the Stacks editor. Shuffler has two… Read More

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Toggle This

September 19, 2019

Setup After adding the stack to the editor, select it and in the Toggle Actions > Type setting select either the “Show / Hide” or “Opacity / Visibility” option. Note… Read More

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August 8, 2019

Setup Just by adding the stack to the stacks editor it will automatically override your theme or framework base font size and line-height and scale all elements based on the… Read More

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Webfont Helper

July 11, 2019

Setup Add the Webfont Helper stack to the stacks editor. Then simply select the font you want to use and drag/drop it anywhere outside of the Webfont Helper stack. Important:… Read More

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Horizon Parallax

June 27, 2019

Choosing a Parallax Style Horizon Parallax comes with three different parallax effect types. All of the types can be found in the menu – Parallax section – Style setting. There are six single… Read More

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Clean Menu

May 16, 2019

Setup & Settings Menu Explanation Sections To get started, add the Clean Menu stack to your stacks page. There are 3 main sections of the stack: Toggle, Menu, and Logo…. Read More

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