The Pinterest Connect script is not supposed to run multiple times on a page, though this may not always cause a problem. However, it is recommended by Pinterest to never run it more than once and to run it below all Pinterest API calls.

Disable Pinterest Script

For this reason please make sure that only the last instance of Pinterest Connect on your page has the script enabled. All other instances should have the script disabled (the last customization option).

Image Hover Button

Note also that the Image Hover Button option will only work if the script is running, so if you wish to take advantage of this option on your page you must have it selected in a Pinterest Connect instance where the “Disable Script” option is not selected (by default it is not selected).

Pin It Buttons

Pinterest Pin It Buttons


Pinterest provides 4 images each with 2 different sizes.

Pin It Button Options

These buttons can be easily changed and the sizes can be easily selected.

Image Hover Button

Image Hover Buttons

Additional, yet identical, options appear for the Image Hover Buttons in case you would like to use different buttons.

Follow Link

The follow link creates a Pinterest URL option. This URL should be an individual Pinterest URL.

example: https://www.pinterest.com/donvillareal/creative-interiors/

If you wish to change this:

Pinterest Edit Profile

Select the Edit Profile button in the top right of your personal Pinterest Profile Page (if you don’t have one you must create one).

Pinterest Edit Profile URL

In the middle is an option to change your Username, which also controls your personal URL address.

Embed Portfolio

Embedding a portfolio creates a Pinterest URL option. This URL should be an individual Pinterest URL.

To change this please reference the previous steps in the Follow Button tutorial directly above.

Embed Board

Embedding a board creates a Board URL option. This URL should be the same as the URL you find when entering any Pinterest Board.

Example: https://www.pinterest.com/jeremyhawes/1ld/

Embed Individual Pin

Embedding an individual pin creates a Pin URL option. This URL should be the same as the URL you find when entering any individual Pinterest Pin.

Example: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/131871095315437452/

RapidWeaver Stack Tutorials

RapidWeaver Theme Tutorials

RapidWeaver Project Documentation

Tutorials and documentation for all 1LD Project files can be found at the link below.

See Documentation

Get the power of a framework, for the price of a theme, in the convenience of a prebuilt RapidWeaver project file


Movable Windows

Move beyond the confines of static content layouts! Movable Windows allows your page visitors to effortlessly drag and reposition custom content windows anywhere in the browser viewport. Windows can be minimized to free up space and stay fixed to the browser viewport so they are always accessible.

Resize & Minimize

Windows can be resized to take up more or less space, or maximized to fill the entire screen. But that’s not all – these windows are like handy sidekicks, always ready to assist. Need quick reference? No problem! Windows can be minimized when not in use, saving precious screen space for what really matters – your page content.


Open windows stay fixed on screen so they are always accessible. Minimized windows have three modes to choose from. “Inline” keeps it in line with other content, “Fixed” is always on screen, and “Draggable” lets you move it around while minimized.


It’s not just about functionality; it’s about style too. Customize your windows by size, position, and color. Add in text, images, forms, links – you name it! Want a little more flair? Allow window resizing, choose whether they start minimized or open, change the toggle icon, or hide the window title when minimized.

Check it out!



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