1. Add the stack to your project.
  2. Drag and drop the element or stack that you want animated into the “Drop stacks here” section.
  3. In the settings panel select an animation type.

The remaining settings are optional for customization. Refer to the Settings Panel section below for a break down of what each one does.

Settings Panel

Type: Choose between 17 different animations.

Speed: Adjust the animation speed in milliseconds.

Stagger: Adjust the total possible time between the first segment animation till the last. 1000ms would mean each segment will animate randomly in between 0 and 1000 milliseconds. Decrease this value to have the segments animate closer together. Note: If the “Target Mode” is set to “Automatic – Whole” this setting controls the delay before the animation instead.

Randomize Order: By default the order in which each segment animates in is random. Disable this option to have the segments load in order from top to bottom & left to right.

Reset when not in view: Enable this option to allow the animation to repeat when the element has come back into view after leaving the browser viewport.

Target Mode:

  • Automatic – Segmented: The stack will automatically determine which elements should be segments.
  • Automatic – Whole: Removes the segments and animates the element has a whole like a more traditional in view animation.
  • Manual – Segmented: The stack will not automatically determine which elements should be segments. You can instead manually choose elements and/or list classes to let the stack know which should be segments.
    Custom Elements example: table, hr, span
    Classes example: .myClass, .another-class, .third-class

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Get the power of a framework, for the price of a theme, in the convenience of a prebuilt RapidWeaver project file


Movable Windows

Move beyond the confines of static content layouts! Movable Windows allows your page visitors to effortlessly drag and reposition custom content windows anywhere in the browser viewport. Windows can be minimized to free up space and stay fixed to the browser viewport so they are always accessible.

Resize & Minimize

Windows can be resized to take up more or less space, or maximized to fill the entire screen. But that’s not all – these windows are like handy sidekicks, always ready to assist. Need quick reference? No problem! Windows can be minimized when not in use, saving precious screen space for what really matters – your page content.


Open windows stay fixed on screen so they are always accessible. Minimized windows have three modes to choose from. “Inline” keeps it in line with other content, “Fixed” is always on screen, and “Draggable” lets you move it around while minimized.


It’s not just about functionality; it’s about style too. Customize your windows by size, position, and color. Add in text, images, forms, links – you name it! Want a little more flair? Allow window resizing, choose whether they start minimized or open, change the toggle icon, or hide the window title when minimized.

Check it out!



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