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Creating specialized parallaxing backgrounds & content.
Requires: Stacks 3

Clean designed menu for large & custom menus.

Create shapable background images.

Update text & images through any browser post publishing

Blocking access to premium, exclusive, restricted, paid, and subscription only content

Segmented in view animations

Awesome filterable grids

Modern and versatile content sliders

Create modern, stunning, split content sections

Step-by-step guided content sections

A super sleek half content, half image slide

An expandable summary card.

Icon centered collapsible menus.

A sleek & stylish stack for creating expandable article lists.

Animated Hero Banners.

Light-weight, quicker, and more compatible tabs.

Customizable offcanvas menu.

Site wide search bar for locating pages that contain searched terms.

Responsive Timeline Icon

Responsive Timeline

Custom animated timelines.

Use math to create custom calculator widgets.

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Intuitive Products

“What impresses me … is that [1LD is] in the lonely group of software developers who appear to be savvy enough to present [their] products from the customer's point-of-view rather than the programmer's point-of-view … I intend to make onelittledesigner.com my website of first choice whenever I find myself looking for a unique new stack to improve the design, look, and feel of my RapidWeaver websites.”

John-Michael 1LD Stacks User

Superb Support

“If you want your multipage PDF or manuscript to standout, use Booklit to make a animated page-turner visitors won't want to put down. New full screen expandability makes the text easier to read and the controls are powerful and extensive enough to make Booklit fit into any theme. Most importantly, One Little Designer cares about [their] products and [are] astoundingly responsive to user questions and problems. I am using the stack to display course reading material for my students - it's a lot more engaging than having them open and scroll through a long PDF.”

Booklit Review RapidWeaver Community

Compatiable Design

“After quite some compatibility issues with other tab stacks, I luckily switched completely to the clean series of 1LD. I run CleanAccordion within CleanTabs segments. Works flawless and looks wonderfully light!”

cleanTabs Review RapidWeaver Community

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Horizon Parallax – New Stack

Horizon Parallax is a stack for RapidWeaver for creating specialized parallaxing backgrounds & content. These effects work across multiple devices & can serve to add a visual depth to your website.

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