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View our premium RapidWeaver Themes. Designed to be fully responsive for beautiful display on mobile, tablets, laptop and desktop devices. customization options are designed to give you control of the design while being easy to use.

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Boost Toolbar

Stacks editor performance enhancer & toolbar.

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Overlap Canvas

Create responsive overlapping layers of images, text, & content.

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An inline call to action that comes into focus according to page layout.

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Index Cards

A card style slider with an awesome blur effect.

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Super Forms 2

Custom PHP Contact Forms.

Stacks Image 1146_176

Pattern Maker

A user friendly tool for creating unique background patterns.

Stacks Image 1146_288

Lasso Tips

Animated content highlighting tool tips.

Stacks Image 1146_313

Emoting Text

Animated Text Headers, Banners, & Paragraphs.

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Hidden Spaces

Organization stack that allows you to hide content from view.

Stacks Image 1146_363

Shape Sector 2

Visually striking frames & content breaks.

Stacks Image 1146_502


Set of powerful computing stacks used to perform calculations & update html/text instantly.

Stacks Image 1146_527


Interactive & animated question forms.

Stacks Image 1146_552


Responsive & Sleek Carousel Slider.

Stacks Image 1146_577

Feature Section 2

Create stylish grid based feature sections.

Stacks Image 1146_602

Enhanced Image

Reshape, transform, crop, & recolor your images.

Stacks Image 1146_629


Create high quality backgrounds with shapes & images.

Stacks Image 1146_741

Masked Text

Image masked text & headers.

Stacks Image 1146_766

Easy Header

Create professional section headers & dividers.

Stacks Image 1146_791

Layouts 2

Create complex layouts without the complex process.

Stacks Image 1146_917

Animated Dividers

Attention grabbing website animations.

Stacks Image 1146_955

Pop Box 2

Eye catching animated popups.

Stacks Image 1146_980

Article 2

A sleek & stylish stack for creating expandable article lists.

Stacks Image 1146_1005


A tool for making quick color edits and trying new color schemes.

Stacks Image 1146_1030

Shifting Panels

3D Animated banners and images.

Stacks Image 1146_1055


3D Slideshow & popup menu.

Get the power of a framework, for the price of a theme, in the convenience of a prebuilt RapidWeaver project file


New Release: Shifting Panels

The Shifting Panels stack allows you to easily create awesome looking background and image animations with a customizable grid of up to 800 panels. It can function as an animated banner, content container, or image element. The stack can be customized to fit just about any project design and is made to be compatible with most themes and stack frameworks.
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