The California Theme is one of the most fashionable Premium Rapid Weaver Themes on the market. Give your site a make over and give California a try

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California Premium Rapid Weaver Theme inspired by the simplicity of modern design and fashion. California creates an atmosphere of sophistication for the viewer.
jQuery Powered
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With custom jQuery coding California Premium Rapid Weaver Theme achieves more than just animation. It works it's magic in the background allowing California Theme to achieve what it does. 
Style Options
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California Premium Rapid Weaver Theme has 67+ different style options. Including 9 proffessionally picked slick fonts and infinite amount of background options with the new California RapidWeaver Theme Snippets. 
Extra Content
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California Rapid Weaver Theme provides you with styled Extra Content to put in any additional content that you want to provide or even some ad-space . What you do with California Extra Content is all up to you. 
Responsive and Mobile Display
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The California theme created with mobile in mind. Mobile California theme takes all the photos, text, etc and makes them legible and viewable. Responsiveness of the California Theme enables viewers to see the site in all screen sizes. 
Cross-Browser Compatible
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Coded to work throughly to work in browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and even IE8. This will enable your site to work soundly in old browsers with out much problem. 

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