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Super Forms 2 is a php based RapidWeaver Stack that lets you easily create extremely flexible and beautifully engaging contact forms. Customize them to any fit theme or framework. Create your own custom fields and require what ever you need with this versatile and modular stack.


Unlimited Form Fields

Add as many fields as you need with 7 different types to choose from


Enable a custom autoreply message that is sent to the form user on submit

Label Customization

Labels will look great by default but you can optionally enable fine tune style control

Field Customization

Fields will look great by default but you can optionally enable fine tune style control

Asynchronous Submission

Form submission happens in the background and does not require a page reload

Redirect On Submit

Optionally redirect to a defined page after successful submission

Google reCAPTCHA

Prevent spam messages with the Google reCAPTCHA one click human test

Custom Submit Button

Use your own favorite 3rd-party button stack in place of the default submit button

Label Position

Info Text

? This help text will be displayed when the question mark icon has been hovered
Note text displays below the form fields
This hint text is displayed when the input field is focused Click this input field to see the hint text

Supported Fields

? Text fields can be used to define the from user's name when receiving submitted messages
? This field does not allow non-numeric characters
? Optionally set a pre-filled value for any text field
? Text fields can be locked with fixed pre-filled values
? This field will check for valid email formatting if it is set to be a required field
? The date & time field can be localized into 79 different languages/formats
? The select field supports unlimited custom defined values
? The filter field functions just like the select field but has a search filter
? The filter field can optionally allow custom values from the form user.
? The multi-select field allows form users to select multiple options.
Choose File
? The file upload field supports image & zipped files
? The message field height can be defined and can optionally allow resizing
? Checkbox fields, as well as all fields, can be set as required to prevent form submission unless they have been clicked

Update 1.5.0

This update brings improvements to the form's functionality and security. The stack now has ensured compatibility with PHP 8, providing enhanced stability and performance. Built-in spam prevention now offers better protection against unwanted messages.

5-digit Zip Code
Min & Max Required Length

You can now set required fields to have a minimum and maximum character length. This is useful when a field has a specific number of characters needed to be valid.

Custom Captchas

Prefer not to use Google reCAPTCHA? Create you own custom captcha to prevent spam. You can ask any question and require any response. Questions are generated as images to prevent bots from easily reading them.

Honey Pot Fields

Add special hidden fields that are unseen by users. If a spam bot fills in the field the message will appear to send but will actually be blocked.

*The honey pot field is visible in this example only for demonstration.

Style Examples

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum

Get a Quote!

Get a Quote!

Contact Form

Please read our terms

*The columns in this example were created with the included Deluxe column stack. They may also be created with the Stacks plugin built-in column stacks.

Total should only include Instagram followers.

*The shadow applied around the form was created with the included Deluxe element stack.


*The form styles and icons for this example were created with the included Deluxe stacks.

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Submit To Google Sheets

Super Forms has a built-in setting that allows you to submit the form data to a Google spreadsheet instead of an email address. Use this feature to keep track of important information in a single location and keep data organized according to your specific needs.

Please keep your message PG rated. *Optional

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Live Data

Use the Super Forms Google Sheets feature along with the Live Data stack to display real time values from that same spreadsheet.

*Live Data stack is sold separately

[data-I2] times

Number of times the form has been used since its creation


Time elapsed between the last two form submissions

Most common answers

Favorite Sport

Message from the last form user



Purchase includes an example project file with all of the forms featured on this page. Also included is our powerful suite of Deluxe stacks used in the design of some of the forms.

Save $5 when purchasing Super Forms 2 and Live Data as a bundle.

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Super Forms 2

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Super Forms 2 +
Live Data

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Have questions about the stack or need some help? Feel free to contact us at the link below. Most inquiries are replied to within 1-2 working days.



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