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Boost Toolbar

Stacks editor performance enhancer & toolbar.

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Overlap Canvas

Create responsive overlapping layers of images, text, & content.

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An inline call to action that comes into focus according to page layout.

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Index Cards

A card style slider with an awesome blur effect.

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Super Forms 2

Custom PHP Contact Forms.

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Pattern Maker

A user friendly tool for creating unique background patterns.

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Lasso Tips

Animated content highlighting tool tips.

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Emoting Text

Animated Text Headers, Banners, & Paragraphs.

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Hidden Spaces

Organization stack that allows you to hide content from view.

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Shape Sector 2

Visually striking frames & content breaks.

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Set of powerful computing stacks used to perform calculations & update html/text instantly.

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Interactive & animated question forms.

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Responsive & Sleek Carousel Slider.

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Feature Section 2

Create stylish grid based feature sections.

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Enhanced Image

Reshape, transform, crop, & recolor your images.

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Create high quality backgrounds with shapes & images.

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Masked Text

Image masked text & headers.

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Easy Header

Create professional section headers & dividers.

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Layouts 2

Create complex layouts without the complex process.

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Animated Dividers

Attention grabbing website animations.

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Pop Box 2

Eye catching animated popups.

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Article 2

A sleek & stylish stack for creating expandable article lists.

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A tool for making quick color edits and trying new color schemes.

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Shifting Panels

3D Animated banners and images.

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3D Slideshow & popup menu.

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Pagelit 2

Change static images & content into engaging & interactive books.

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Image Explorer

Image exploration and interaction fit for any screen size.

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Scroll Shift

Smooth and seamless scroll-based element animations.

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Step 2

Step-by-step guided content sections with conditional display functionality.

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Vivid Tiles

Stunning, uniquely-shaped content elements.

Stacks, Themes, & Projects

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ionicons-v5-f ionicons-v5-m

Easy & automatic sticky content.

An instant in-page content search bar.

Conditional content displayed based on time or date.

Create looping animations out of any stacks content

Show new content on every page visit

Improve content real-estate with a stylish toggle

Get Ideal text formatting with page wide control in a single stack.

Creating specialized parallaxing backgrounds & content. animated

Store less commonly used links inside a sleek dropdown menu with this fully customizable menu stack

Edit your websites directly through any browser with an easy to use "What you see is what you get" editor interface.

Conditional Content, Pop-ups, & Notices Based on Text

Blocking access to premium, exclusive, restricted, paid, and subscription only content

Segmented in view animations

Awesome filterable grids

Modern and versatile content sliders

Create modern, stunning, split content sections

Simple and Stylish rotating text sections

Inline organized content menus

A super sleek half content, half image slide

A neat little animated slider for displaying features

A killer inline expandable circular menu

Fully responsive, column based mega menus.

Stylish event lists with time formatting.

Responsive testimonial carousels with ratings.

Light-weight, quicker, and more compatible tabs.

A collapsible drawer of links.

Responsive Timeline Icon

Responsive Timeline

Custom animated timelines.

An expandable summary card.

Automatic table-of-contents creation.

Easy to set up profile cards for connecting with your audeince.

Easy, versatile buttons.

Easy add popup notifications.

Full control HTML/Stacks hybrid editing framework.

Customizable lists and pricing charts.

Animated stats and numbers.

Customizable offcanvas menu.

Customizable overlay drop down menu.

Icon centered collapsible menus.

Animated Hero Banners.

Display live content from Google Spreadsheets on your webpages.

Simplified but full HTML & CSS control.

Save space with styled collapsible contentText, Images, & Other Stacks.

Customizable step by step notices and calls to action.

Animated loading between web pages.

Site wide search bar for locating pages that contain searched terms.

Get the power of a framework, for the price of a theme, in the convenience of a prebuilt RapidWeaver project file


Vivid Titles

Create stunning, uniquely-shaped content effortlessly with Vivid Tiles. Tailor your website’s appearance with customizable top and bottom edges, and arrange these elements seamlessly in rows.

Vivid Titles RapidWeaver Stack

Robust Customization

  • Create rows of uniquely-shaped content elements.
  • Customize each one independently.
  • Add almost any type of content.

Diverse Edge Options

  • Edges support 9 shape options with 4 layouts.
  • Mix and match edge shapes and layouts on top and bottom.
  • Incorporate images, icons, or text inside edge design.

Effortless Setup

  • Minimal setup required for immediate results.
  • Customizable style options to fit any website design.
  • Control element size and colors with ease.

Simply Responsive

  • Tiles automatically adapt to browser and device width.
  • Full control over tile horizontal and vertical alignment.
  • Automatically make all tiles in a single row the same height.

Eye-Catching Styles

  • Each edge shape has two unique background layers.
  • Adjust edge layer visibility, placement, and offset.
  • Apply subtle, attention-grabbing in-view animations.


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