Choose where to place your logo, title, menu, & dropdown menu with built-in options that also let you group & align each section. Go minimal by removing any part of the menu or create a large custom dropdown menu. Plenty of customization options are included to ensure unique design possibilities.


Optionally set the menu to stay at to the top of the browser window while scrolling your website. The menu will only stick once it has reached the top of the browser window and will not be constrained by the design of your website.


The top level navigation menu & dropdown menu can have completely separate links to keep everything nice and organized. But no matter how complex your menu is, Clean Menu will condense it into an easy to navigate mobile menu for smaller screens.


Any custom link can be specially styled to call attention to your website visitors wether you need them to sign up, send a message, make a purchase, or give you a call. These call to action links can be place wherever you need them, in the main top level navigation or inside the dropdown menu.


By default, Clean Menu will use your RapidWeaver project file's navigation menu. You can then optionally add as many extra links as you need to, even supporting icons and images. Those extra links can also be grouped close together (IE icon links). You can even disable your project file navigation & create your own custom menu.


The the navigation at the top of the window is using same page navigation (which comes built in). This stack also supports normal links to other pages. Check out some examples of different styled menus below.
Mobile View
Clean Menu will automatically fill the content area depending on the theme or framework you use it in. If what you use supports it, the menu can also stretch to the edges of the browser window.
Choose from 3 different animated toggle icons. The toggle is optionally visible in desktop browsers but is always visible in mobile sized screens with an option to set an exact pixel width breakpoint.
Though there are many options to play with, most do not need to be adjusted making the menu work right out of the box. That being said, you have plenty of control over all of the design right down to the sizing & color of each individual menu link.
Each custom link can be optionally shown in either both the top level navigation menu & the dropdown menu or just one. In the example below the dropdown menu has more in depth links & none in common with those found in the top level navigation menu. In mobile view, the dropdown menu will contain all links listed so that mobile users still have full access.
Forgo the toggle menu all together & use standard dropdown menus. The toggle menu will replace the long format menu on mobile sized screens.
Clean Menu is not just made to be a main website navigation menu, it can also serve a secondary menu with special custom links & calls to action.

Clean Menu

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Purchase includes an example project file so you can see how each example on this page was created. Also included is a special icon stack that can be used in the menu items.


Have questions about the stack or need some help? Feel free to contact us at the link below. Most inquiries are replied to within 1-2 working days.


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