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Motion looper

Add subtle yet effective motion to any RapidWeaver Project with this custom animation stack. Create loops that can initiate through interaction or through timed intervals to add character, draw attention, or emphasize specific content.


Motion Looper gives you control over 10 different position settings to make your own custom animations. Though we believe the animations should be subtle, you have full control over entire stack elements in 2D & 3D space. Hover the icons in this section to see some examples.

No size limits

Works on any size stack element from icons to complete sections

Unique Easing

10 different easing options to help bring your designs to life

3D Motion

Add three dimensional depth to pull elements out of the background

Mixed Motion

Use multiple position settings to create more advanced motions

Update 1.5.0

You can now create custom animation loops with unlimited transition points! Use the new opacity & blur settings to create even more unique animations. There is also a new setting to add a stagger/delay across multiple animated elements.
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Add Character

Animations can add a better look & feel to your designs. Position the stack using the provided controls to make branding more memorable. Motion Looper is for anyone who is looking to add a unique user experience to their projects.

Draw Attention

Use the stack in a more subtle way to provide cues to your website visitors. Help draw focus to important details. Motion Looper can help encourage interaction & engagement.





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Use motion to emphasize popular options & deals. Any amount of stacks content can be added to Motion Looper & you have control over when the animation starts & stops.


Create your very own custom animations with 10 easing options, 5 loop modes, adjustable delay/animation duration, & control of up to 10 position properties. See the options page to get a visual example of each.


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Purchase includes an example RapidWeaver 8 project file.


Have questions about the stack or need some help? Feel free to contact us at the link below. Most inquiries are replied to within 1-2 working days.