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Restrict Content

RapidWeaver Stack by 1LD

A stack for blocking access to premium, exclusive, restricted, paid, and subscription only content. All content placed into the stack will be converted to a canvas image that cannot be inspected by a browser or by viewing the page source. All content is completely hidden to the browser and only those with access to your server's PHP files (owners and administrators) can see the file paths and html content. With options to blur, watermark, fade, or even cover your preview only content you can encourage your visitors to subscribe, purchase, or contact you to gain full access.

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The Restrict Content stack allows you protect your full resolution images. If a user downloads this image they will only be provided with a low resolution copy of the image. No need to create or provide your own low resolution images, this stack will automatically generate them based on the content added. To get access to the full image, type PASS into the password field. The light-box effect also comes built into the stack.
You can even use the settings to decrease the quality to discourage downloading the preview version of your image. In this example the password field only shows when the image is hovered.
If only restricting access to the full resolution image is not enough, you can add a watermark to the preview version. No need to use photoshop or any other programs to create special watermarked images, this stack will automatically create them by combining two images, no transparent png files needed either. Cover the entire image or just place it in a single location.
The watermark is not limited to an image, using the settings you can also add your own custom text. Mark your images as copies, samples, or as your property.

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Another option you have is to only show part of the image until full access is granted to the user. Rather than allowing the content to be unlocked, you can add a call to action over the image to encourage the visitor to make a purchase or sign up. While this stack does not provide a log-in system, if you have one in place you can increase visitor conversions by creating preview only content.

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Prevent visitors from simply copy and pasting your text and styles or restrict interaction with your content. You are not only limited to images, the Restrict Content stack supports most stacks content. Any content that is visible and is made from images, HTML, or CSS is supported. You will notice that none of the content below is selectable though it is all made with HTML and CSS. This content has automatically been converted to an image. Click the button below to activate the content and the mouse will then be able to interact with it.
Have content that you don't want shown without the visitors consent? Restrict Content can handle that as well. Apply a strong blur using the settings and use any custom button or link to allow your visitors to instantly see the restricted content.

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Restrict Content

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Demo project file is included. This stack requires Stacks 3, RapidWeaver 7+, and PHP.

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Restrict Content

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A demo project file is included. This stack requires Stacks 3, RapidWeaver 7+, and PHP.