• Carousel Complete RapidWeaver Stack

    Carousel Complete - RapidWeaver Stack

    Carousel Complete is an innovative touch friendly carousel and slider featuring the options for video and animation. Carousel images and videos are fully responsive and provide options for autoplay, auto-height, pagination designs, transition effects, and much more.

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  • LinkedIn Connect RapidWeaver Stack

    LinkedIn Connect - RapidWeaver Stack

    LinkedIn Connects allows you to easily drag and drop in several LinkedIn plugins designed to feed traffic to either your personal LinkedIn page or your company LinkedIn page. Plugins in this stack include Share & Follow buttons, member profile, company profile, and company insider.

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  • PURE 1.5 - Big Update

    PURE Breakpoints Update
    Our one and only Stack-based theme framework just got another HUGE update! 12 multi-functional stacks, 6 template stacks and free project files to get you started. It's a great all-in-one tool bag that puts you in the steering wheel of your site's design.

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  • cleanTips RapidWeaver Stack

    cleanTips - RapidWeaver Stack

    cleanTips 3 is a complete redesign of our cleanTips stack and allows more versatility in it's functionality. The ToolTip is no longer restricted to a small amount of text - you can now place in editable text, images, media, and even other stacks.

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