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Live Data

Import data from a Google spreadsheet and see the changes within seconds on your live website.

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This stack allows you to make lightning fast changes to your website without having to re-publish or even open RapidWeaver. Change values from anywhere you can access Google Spreadsheets, even from your mobile phone! The changes are nearly immediate and will appear the next time the page is loaded. The Live Data Stack uses shortcodes so you can place the data anywhere on the stacks page, even inside other Stacks (Anywhere text is allowed). Get data from a single or even multiple spreadsheets at once.

Live Updating

By default the Live Data Stack will display the current value from any spreadsheet cell on page load. Using the “Live Updating” feature will make it so the Stack checks for updates to the spreadsheet at timed intervals. Page visitors will be able to see the values change right before their eyes in as little as 5 seconds after the changes are made.

Go ahead give it a try! We have created a public spreadsheet so anyone can change the value of the input.


Note: The contents of the box above come from page visitors and not from 1LD. We would not recommend sharing your spreadsheet URLs with the public, this is for demonstration only.

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Super Forms

Super Forms has a built-in setting that allows you to submit form data to a Google spreadsheet. Live Data can then read that data and update your page in almost real time. Test it out below.

*Super Forms stack is sold separately

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[data-I2] times

Number of times the form has been used since its creation


Time elapsed between the last two form submissions

Most common answers

Favorite Sport

Message from the last form user



Save $5 when purchasing Super Forms 2 and Live Data as a bundle.

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Live Data

RapidWeaver Stack


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Super Forms 2 +
Live Data

2 Stack Bundle



Have questions about the stack or need some help? Feel free to contact us at the link below. Most inquiries are replied to within 1-2 working days.



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