Installing & Updating

  • What is SPARKLE or Waterfall?

    SPARKLE & Waterfall both serve updates automatically through RapidWeaver. SPARKLE requires no setup on your end and appear in your individual stack icons when an update is ready along with Changelog information when downloaded.

    Waterfall is a plugin built by Nimble Host that can be added that allows the same service SPARKLE offers, though for themes. This only works for themes that developers have added Waterfall support for – we currently offer Waterfall support on all our premium themes.

    Click here for more on Waterfall

  • How do I find a previous product order?

    To find a previous order use our Purchase Order Lookup page. Please note the two tabs at the top – all you need to retrieve your previous orders is your email address, though this will send all previous orders to your email address.

    If you still cannot find your order or if the download is not working, please contact us and we’ll fix this promptly.


  • What is our refund policy?

    We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. If within 90 days you are not satisfied with one of our products or with our support for that product please contact us with your refund request. Please provide your Transaction ID for the purchase as well.

    We do pride ourselves in both the quality of our products and our customer service. For this reason we would always appreciate your feedback on how we can improve either our product(s) or our service to you.

  • Do we offer discounts?

    We offer discounts on a regular basis for new releases and major updates. The best ways to stay in the loop:

  • I just missed a sale, could I still get the deal?

    In most cases if you miss a sale by a day or two we’ll extend the offer to you still. Please contact us regarding this request.

  • I’ve been blocked from ordering – how do I fix this?

    Our shopping cart software can be a bit sensitive for security purposes. If you are blocked please contact us immediately and we can quickly remove the block.