Installing & Updating

  • What is SPARKLE?

    SPARKLE is free appcasting software that is used by the plugin Stacks allowing automatic updates for users. Developers are responsible for inputting the necessary data into their Stacks for this functionality to exist and users will see updates as little red circles with exclamation marks that display in the icon for that particular stack.

  • My Stacks file appears as a folder

    If the downloaded file appears as a folder instead of an addon file (i.e. theme or stack) then you will need to manually install it. This problem also does not happen very often, though the solution is fortunately fast and resolves future installation issues of this nature. This problem only occurs with Stacks so far, so the solution will only address stacks files. Left click any 3rd party stack (not those built-in to RapidWeaver), then click the gear icon below and select “Show in Finder.” This will open a window with all your 3rd party Stacks – drag and drop the folder into this window/folder, quit RapidWeaver and relaunch.

    If you do not have any 3rd party stacks you can navigate to your main RapidWeaver folder and simply create a folder titled “Stacks” – this will be the same folder that contains the Stacks plugin file. If the folder already exists then drag and drop the stack file into it, quit RapidWeaver and relaunch.

    If none of these issues resolve the problem then submit a tick to the following page:

    Installing & Update Issues

  • My version number is not updating

    If you’re version number is not displaying accurately first make sure you have fully exited RapidWeaver by right-clicking the load icon and selecting “Quit.” Then relaunch RapidWeaver.

    If the version number is still not the latest version then a duplicate copy may have been installed separately (this doesn’t happen often and we’re looking into what causes it to infrequently occur). For themes you can right click the theme icon and for stack left click the stack icon and then select the gear icon below. Next select “Show in Finder” which will open a window with the addon file(s). If you see two versions then delete the older version, quit RapidWeaver and relaunch.

    If that does not fix the problem, then please submit a ticket on the following page:

    Installing & Update Issues

  • How do I get the latest version of an addon?

    If you follow our blog, Facebook page, or receive our mail blasts you’ll very likely see update news for our various products. If you already own an addon of ours you can use the following page to get the latest version:

    Purchase Order Lookup

    Enter your invoice information (invoice number, e-mail address). If you can’t locate this information or don’t want to spend the time looking for it then simply select the 2nd tab at the top “Retrieve Order History” and simply enter your e-mail address (this will send you all your invoices attached to that e-mail address).

    If you cannot remember or find the information (or if you didn’t receive the information due to a 3rd party bundle) please submit a ticket on the following page:

    Download Link Issues

  • How do I install an addon?

    For general installation instructions you can use the following:

    Installing Themes

    Installing Stacks


  • What do I need to use your Stacks?

    All you need is Stacks 2.0 by the developer Yourhead.

    If you own importing plugins, such as PlusKit you can place your Stacks in just about any part of your page.

  • How can I stay up-to-date with new releases and product updates?

    If you’ve purchased a product from us then you are already signed up for our mail blast. Alternatively, you can receive update through our Facebook page or RSS Feed. You can also follow us on Twitter or connect with us on Linked In, though those accounts will not feature every update of ours (primarily for new releases and company news). Finally, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the latest in video tutorials.

  • How do I find my past orders?

    If you need to re-download a purchase, get an update, or simply wish to see your order history then please use our Purchase Order Lookup form. Occasionally there has been bundle deals on partnering websites that may cause your order(s) to not appear in our database. If this is the case then please contact our Support page and we’ll add the purchases into your account in our database (please provide any invoices obtained in the purchase).

  • Do we offer theme modification or custom designs?

    We offer both theme modification and custom design work and would be glad to give you a quote. For more, please check out our Custom Web Design page.

  • What is our refund policy?

    We are proud of all our products and our customer service. If you are not satisfied with your purchase we ask that you first give us a chance to help you with any problems or difficulties you may be experiencing. After that, if you are still dissatisfied or find the product not functionally meeting what you imagined then please contact our Support page and we’ll give you a refund (alternatively we can give you credit if you prefer).

  • Do we offer discounts?

    We offer bundles all the time on our Bundle’s page. We offer discounts on new releases and promotions in our mail blast.

Support Forum Use

  • How do I report misuse or spam?

    Please report all misuse and spam using our contact page (link below).

    Accounts misusing or spamming our forums are potentially subject to permanent deletion.

    Contact page

  • Do I need to create an account to use the forum?

    Nope. You do not need to create an account to use our support forum currently.

    Creating account will give you the ability to keep track of previous tech support questions, though even without an account you can select the option to receive e-mail updates when your forum post is commented on.

Troubleshooting Errors

  • HTML 404 Not Found Error

    For many website’s this error is more commonly experienced, but due to the architecture of RapidWeaver I’ve seldom seen this error.

    Simply translated the error means the link is pointed to a page or destination that simply does not exist.

    The most reliable solution is to first check the link (especially if it’s an offsite link). If everything looks good then Republish all files.

  • 403 Forbidden Error

    One of the less common errors experienced by RapidWeaver users, though occasionally I’ve encountered users confused by it. The issue likely occurs during the uploading process where something triggers server protocols to restrict access to a main folder or one of the main files.

    Republishing all files does not fix the issue in my experience either. The only working solution I’ve found is to manually delete the website’s folder and all contained files within. After that is done then Republish all files.

    To manually delete the folder you will need to either use a File Manager, such as commonly seen in CPanel, or you can do so with an FTP client, such as one of the following (both free): Aptana, Free FTP.