Phantom RapidWeaver Stack

Phantom 3.0

Phantom’s Knob feature has been completely overhauled and is now able to support up to 7 categories. Every category highlights using a colorable bullet light or an active icon color. You also now have control over the Icon size as well title size. Use a specific color for mouse hover and even allow a category to automatically redirect to another page. With Phantom’s updated style and improved responsive behavior it works as a unique one page website menu with no additional page loading. You can even add your own logo to Phantom’s background panel.

You can place more than one instance of the stack on a single page and even nest them. By default, the page will show only with the elements associated with the selected category instead of showing all elements.

This is a free update for existing customers
25% Off Discount Code: 25_phantom3_022016
Offer Expires February 19, 2016

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Full list of updates:
New: Supports multiple Phantom stacks on a single page.
New: Supports nesting Phantom stacks inside of eachother.
New: Knob/Dial mode now supports up to 7 categories/pages.
New: Optionally highlight the active category with a glowing bullet/dot.
New: Adjust the size of the icons.
New: Add hover colors to the Knob/Dial titles and icons.
New: Use your own pattern or color for the Knob/Dial background.
New: Adjust the individual icon and title colors for the Knob/Dial using an included snippet.
New: Add a logo image to the background panel of the Knob/Dial.
New: Phantom will now show the selected category elements rather than all on page load.
New: Add external links.
Improved: Icon layout has been adjusted for the Knob/Dial mode.
Improved: Added better shadows to the Knob/Dial background panel.
Improved: Load speed and overall performance.
Improved: Knob/Dial adjusts to fit mobile screens.
Improved: Settings layout has been change to be more user friendly.
Fixed: Bug that was causing the icons to move off center in some themes.
Other minor bug fixes.

Optic Stacks - RapidWeaver Stack by 1LD

Optic Stacks

Optic Stats is a professional way to show off your personal or company statistics. Perfect for portfolio, business, and fund raising websites. Use your own units, titles, and numbers that support commas and periods. Optionally add Font-Awesome Icons, make the numbers count up, and show an animated progress bar. You also have control over the animation speed, all the colors, and the size of the stack including font sizes.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_opticStacks_122015
Offer Expires December 18, 2015

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Booklit 2 RapidWeaver Stack

Booklit 2.0

Booklit 2.0 comes with several new features and fixes: A new fullscreen popup toggle that opens up Booklit in a definable size, a loader now displays as Booklit loads, new animation & styling controls, along with several other small additions and bug fixes. For all update details click here.

This update is free for existing Booklit customers
20% Off Discount Code: 20_booklit_082015
Offer Expires September 4, 2015

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Stacks 3

Stacks 3

Stacks 3 is created by YourHead Software – we are not affiliated with or being paid to promote this software.

Stacks 3 is faster and full of great new features: responsive features, partials that allow you to save and reuse stack sections, customizable workflows, and more.

There’s so much more I could say about how much I love this update, but it’s best you go see for your self. If you’re reading this you probably already own a copy as it’s very necessary for the best RapidWeaver experience, so got get the discounted update – it is definitely worth it I guarantee!

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Side Accordion - RapidWeaver Stack

Side Accordion

Side Accordion is a fully-responsive collapsible & expandable content display tool for RapidWeaver 5+ Stacks 2+. Control the size of the accordion & accordion title sections while the built-in automatic sizing protects the overall responsiveness for you. Lots of customization options give you control over the design as well so you can adapt the stack into any theme.

30% OFF Discount Code: 30_side_acc_082015
Offer Expires August 14, 2015

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Augment Mobile RapidWeaver Stack

Augment Mobile 2.0

Augment Mobile is a simple design assistant that allows you to display content inside devices. 2.0 adds the iPhone 6 and Macbook Pro as well adding in new alignment options and an iframe insertion option.

This is a free update
25% OFF Discount Code: 25_auMobile2_082015
Offer Expires August 14, 2015

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RapidWeaver 6 Logo

RapidWeaver 6.3

RapidWeaver 6 keeps getting even more awesome

RapidWeaver 6.3 is a major new update, free to all RapidWeaver 6 customers.

The update includes even faster publishing, and a number of other great new features and enhancements. Along with it are several bug fixes that some of you might have been experiencing.

Be sure to get the update!

For more details click here

RapidWeaver Central

RapidWeaver Central (beta)

Some of you might have noticed that StacksCenter is no more… or rather it’s redirected to RapidWeaver Central’s StackCentral page.

For more information on the move and the New RapidWeaver Central Beta read here.

The move is likely a permanent one and serves as a great resource for checking out new RapidWeaver Stacks, Stack reviews, deals, and more.

Thanks also to Marten for the great and thorough Carousel Complete review.


RapidWeaver 6 eBook

Coming Soon

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a book on RapidWeaver 6 and plan to start working on it shortly. I am also currently involved in the testing for the new RapidWeaver 6.3 update, which continues to add to the speed of the software and weed out some of the minor bugs that are left. For more news on this stay tuned.

I’ve reduced the prices of my RapidWeaver 5 eBook since 6 is now the the latest version. There is still a lot of cross-over between 5 and 6 so most of the topics are still very relevant and easy-to-compare, but many buttons are moved and have new terminology added to them… there’s a lot of cool new stuff too, so a new book is definitely going to be coming soon.

Now for your help

One thing I’d really value from you, my customers, is to know what medium’s you value you most for the book. For my previous book I created things in PDF, Kindle & iBooks. PDF was the easiest for obvious reasons, though Kindle was pretty easy too… iBooks on the other hand was a bit more of a hassle. Not only thing, but the PDF and Kindle appear to be preferred much more than the iBooks version.

I still wanted to ask and hear some input from you. What do you prefer? PDF, Kindle, iBooks, all of them, a couple of them, etc. (please use comments below or contact me directly through our support page).

Also, are there any topics you wished 5 covered that you want to see in this one?

Thanks in advance and I hope to make this next book the best to date :)

Carousel Complete RapidWeaver Stack

Carousel Complete

Carousel Complete is an innovative touch friendly carousel and slider featuring the options for video and animation. Carousel images and videos are fully responsive and provide options for autoplay, auto-height, pagination designs, transition effects, and much more.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_carouselC_072015
Offer Expires July 31, 2015

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LinkedIn Connect RapidWeaver Stack

LinkedIn Connect

LinkedIn Connects allows you to easily drag and drop in several LinkedIn plugins designed to feed traffic to either your personal LinkedIn page or your company LinkedIn page. Plugins in this stack include Share & Follow buttons, member profile, company profile, and company insider.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_linkedin_072015
Offer Expires July 24, 2015

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PURE 1.5

PURE 1.5

Pure Text

  • New: Breakpoint options for complete control over Pure Grid’s Responsivness
  • New: h1-h6 tags now have default values for quicker set up
  • New: Settings menu has been set up to be more intuitive
  • Fixed: Rotated text no longer gets cut off

Pure Slider

  • New updated icon
  • Fixes an error that would sometimes cause the slider to keep loading

Pure Menus

  • New Offset option for single page menus, this provides better alignment when sections of the page are navigated to
  • Increased how quickly the menu loads
  • Minor bug fixes

Pure Grids

  • New: Breakpoint options for complete control over Pure Grid’s Responsivness
  • New: New Hide settings to optionally hide content from view on certain browser sizes, or switch out content on different browser sizes
  • Minor bug fixes

All Stacks also have received new updated icons

25% Off Discount Code: 25_PURE_072015

Offer expires July 17, 2015

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To ensure you receive all the updates we recommending re-downloading using our Purchase Order Lookup tool.

cleanTips 3

cleanTips 3

cleanTips 3 is a complete redesign of our cleanTips stack and allows more versatility in it’s functionality. The ToolTip is no longer restricted to a small amount of text – you can now place in editable text, images, media, and even other stacks.

If you already own cleanTips 2 your designs won’t be lost as this is a separate build and both are included in the package. This is a free update for existing customers

25% Off Discount Code: 25_cleanTips_062015
Offer Expires July 3, 2015

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Countdown Clock RW Stack

Countdown Clock

Countdown Clock is our latest RW Stack that allows single sections of your page to be revealed when a clock has fully counted down as well as a whole page overlay. There are 3 built-in themes that display the clock, responsive controls, colors, sizing, and more.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_countdownC_062015
Offer Expires June 26, 2015

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More details:
Control the basic sizes and colors with the global wrapper or override them with the individual timing sections including Days, Hours, Minutes & Seconds. Wording changes dynamically and you can choose what words are used.

Overlay option will reveal the content of an entire page once the clock finishes or can alternatively redirect to another URL for added security.

Augment 3.0 RW Stack Update

Augment Pic 3.0

Augment Pic now comes with 3 new caption animations and 4 new shapes to choose from. Along with a shortened & cleaner code approach and animation improvements, Augment pic is now faster and funner to use than ever before.

This is a free update
25% Off Discount Code: 25_augmentPic_062015
Offer Expires June 19, 2015

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Cinema Slider RapidWeaver Stack

Cinema Slider

Cinema Slider is your go-to-stack for stack sliders. It’s fully responsive, offers 28 transitions, takes in images, videos, and captions. Super light weight coding offers fast load times and with customizable frames you can style it to match any theme design.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_cinemaSlider_062015
Offer Expires June 12, 2015

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Pinterest Connect Stack for RapidWeave

Pinterest Connect

Make your site’s Pin count skyrocket with Pinterest Connect. Eye-catching & easy-to-setup Pinterest Connect is perfect for any Pinterest user who wants to display pins, Pinterest Boards, Pinterest Portfolios, and Pinterest Buttons on their site.

Pinterest Buttons display all the images on your page in a beautiful grid layout. Pinterest Follow buttons let other Pinterest user easily follow your account. You can even set Pinterest Buttons to appear when any images are hovered on your page (like in the preview page’s logo).

30% Off Discount Code: 30_pintConnect_052015
Offer Expires May 29, 2015

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Hemera RapidWeaver Theme Logo

Hemera 2.0

One of our most popular RapidWeaver themes just got even cooler. Too make Hemera easier to setup while also giving you even more customization control we’ve added 5 Stacks and 4 Template Stacks. We’ve also made some awesome performance improvements and a new background options.

This is a free update
30% Discount Code: 30_hemera_052015
Offer Expires May 23, 2015

See new preview page

All new features:

  • 5 Stacks are available to assist the theme
    • Slider & Slide Stacks Added - with more options than the built in slider & super Easy Setup
    • Menu Stack Added - more customization & super Easy Setup
    • Column Stack Added - more customization including background colors, width settings, 3 shading options, background patterns, & once again a super Easy Setup
    • Row Stack Added - more customization! Easy Set up
  • 4 Template Stacks are available for added styling control
    • Header Template Stack Added - For quick set up, and learning
    • Content Template Stack Added - For quick set up, and learning
    • Content + Sidebar Template Stack Added - For quick set up, and learning
    • Footer Template Stack Added - For quick set up, and learning
  • Two tone color backgrounds
  • 3 new curved wood background textures
  • Font-awesome added
  • New full-width option
  • New & improved Mobile look


  • performance improvements
  • Description and title being overwritten bug
  • width options scale better
  • other minor bug fixes

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Note Due to the new stacks being added, existing customers must re-download using ourPurchase Order Lookup page.