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Vivid Titles RapidWeaver Stack

Vivid Titles

Create stunning, uniquely-shaped content effortlessly with Vivid Tiles. Tailor your website’s appearance with customizable top and bottom edges, and arrange these elements seamlessly in rows.

Vivid Titles RapidWeaver Stack

Robust Customization

  • Create rows of uniquely-shaped content elements.
  • Customize each one independently.
  • Add almost any type of content.

Diverse Edge Options

  • Edges support 9 shape options with 4 layouts.
  • Mix and match edge shapes and layouts on top and bottom.
  • Incorporate images, icons, or text inside edge design.

Effortless Setup

  • Minimal setup required for immediate results.
  • Customizable style options to fit any website design.
  • Control element size and colors with ease.

Simply Responsive

  • Tiles automatically adapt to browser and device width.
  • Full control over tile horizontal and vertical alignment.
  • Automatically make all tiles in a single row the same height.

Eye-Catching Styles

  • Each edge shape has two unique background layers.
  • Adjust edge layer visibility, placement, and offset.
  • Apply subtle, attention-grabbing in-view animations.


Shape Sector – New stack

The Shape Sector stack allows you to add visually striking frames & content breaks to your RapidWeaver website. Choose from 34 different shapes or even create your own with an included free tool for nearly limitless possibilities.

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Offer Expires April 5, 2019

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Text Detect – New stack

Text Detect is a stack that provides targeted information to specific page visitors based on the words or phrases they type into fields. This shows relevant information to the right users without relying on general content. You can also provide targeted information for sales, support, or even provide additional fields or links to select users.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_textDetect_012019
Offer Expires January 11, 2019

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Restrict Content – New stack

A stack for blocking access to premium, exclusive, restricted, paid, and subscription only content. All content placed into the stack will be converted to a canvas image that cannot be inspected by a browser or by viewing the page source. All content is completely hidden to the browser and only those with access to your server’s PHP files (owners and administrators) can see the file paths and html content. With options to blur, watermark, fade, or even cover your preview only content you can encourage your visitors to subscribe, purchase, or contact you to gain full access.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_restrict_content_122318
Offer Expires November 23, 2018

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Fix – New stack

Fix allows you to easily create inline icon menus that become fixed on scrolling events. Great for creating Call to Actions.

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Offer Expires 7/27/2018

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particle modular theme

Particle – New Modular Theme

A stellar new modular theme with animated particles – includes detailed options for everything, allowing you to use one single Theme to create a variety of different websites!

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Offer Expires 4/14/2018

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Syntax Highlight RapidWeaver Stack

Removing Text in my Free Stacks

NOTE, the newest versions now include a checkbox to turn the text off

In some of my latest updates I added some text to promote my Pro versions (not free) of the stacks. I want to keep them there for new customers, but I also want everyone to know how to turn them off if they prefer.

The following stacks will show you how to do just that, though note that the changes will be removed if you download updates for them, which I don’t plan on adding for quite a while (on the free ones at least).

1) Click on the stack icon
2) In the gear icon below select “Show in finder”
3) This will take you to the stack itself. Right click and select “Show package contents”
4) Navigate inside the folder to the index.html file and open it
5) Remove the following code, save, close out RW completely and restart (the following is what’s inside Simple Headers, but other stacks code will look very similar).

%[if edit]%
<h3 style=”color: #666″>
Pro version adds font control, FitText (responsive text), Circle Type (arching text), and more:<br>
<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”></span>