RapidWeaver Tutorials

Side Accordion

August 6, 2015

cleanAccordion’s customization options are very intuitive and do not demand much explanation in most cases, with the slight exception of some terminology that can be defined. General Setup To create an accordion you must first place the container stack. Then place at least one Inner stack inside. To create additional sections place more inner stacks above or below the other inner stacks. General width and height controls are provided for the overall sizing of the horizontal accordion. For all sizing the accordion will adjust all of it’s content alignment so that things are centered and spaced well. When controls use […]

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Linkedin Connect

July 17, 2015

Basic Setup: Step 1: Place Linkedin Connect to the top of the page. Step 2: Then in options for “Linkedin Type” select Core. This will activate the stack and allow it to work. /Note :: For all the posts to be viewable the page must be uploaded.     Share Button: Step 1: In the options select “Share Button”.   Step 2: Now get the URL of the Linkedin page that you want to link. Highlight it and copy it.   Step 3: Take the link that you just copied and paste it into the Website URL option in the […]

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Carousel Complete

June 30, 2015

Basic Setup Step 1: Drag & drop the Carousel Complete stack into the stacks editor. Step 2: If you wish to use an image or a video you can Drag & drop the Clean Carousel Slide stack into the “Drop stacks here” section of Carousel Complete. Otherwise you can instead add a text stack or another 3rd-party stack (Some 3rd-party stacks may not be compatible).  or  or  (Some other 3rd party stack) Step 3:  Add stacks to the carousel until you have the amount of slides you would like to use by dragging in each one underneath the previous one before it. Make sure […]

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June 24, 2015

cleanTips is a great tool for displaying small notes, information, and links next to information that a visitor might have questions about. Basic Setup cleanTips has two sections in the edit area. In this example the top is the ToolTip message that will appear when the bottom section is hovered over by the mouse arrow. Note that both sections will accept any other stacks: text, images, media, videos, and other stacks. After you have placed content inside of both sections select a theme: currently there are two themes “Default” and “Outlined.” Next select a direction for the ToolTip: Top, Bottom, […]

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Countdown Clock

June 17, 2015

Basic Setup Countdown Clock comes built as 5 functioning pieces that integrate with each other: Wrapper, Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. Wrapper The wrapper controls a majority of the settings and all the time elements (days, hours, minutes and seconds) must be contained inside of it. A majority of these controls in the General Options section are very straight forward. You first set up the date that the clock with countdown to. Text is displayed by default, but can be turned off. This is the text that will display underneath the individual clock numbers (i.e. Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds). Note […]

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Cinema Slider

May 28, 2015

Set up First drag and drop the Cinema Slider Stack into the Stacks editor. It should appear like the screenshot below. Then drag and drop the Cinema Slide Stack into the “Drop stacks here.” section located underneath the heading “Add Slide Stacks Below”. Repeat this step until you have as many slides as you want to use. Your finished result should appear like the screen shot below. Now select the first Cinema Slide stack and in the panel on the right side of RapidWeaver click the browse button underneath the section labeled “Slide Settings”. Locate the first image you wish […]

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Pinterest Connect

May 21, 2015

Important! The Pinterest Connect script is not supposed to run multiple times on a page, though this may not always cause a problem. However, it is recommended by Pinterest to never run it more than once and to run it below all Pinterest API calls. For this reason please make sure that only the last instance of Pinterest Connect on your page has the script enabled. All other instances should have the script disabled (the last customization option). Note also that the Image Hover Button option will only work if the script is running, so if you wish to take […]

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May 1, 2015

Here is a customer review/tutorial on Ice Box by William Winter Typography is a stack suite comprised of 6 stacks Core Font Import Headers Texts Buttons Code CORE  The core is intended to assist many of the stacks within, though is primarily built to support Headers, Text & Font Importing. It is not necessary in all cases, but will often assist with stronger CSS that may assist in overriding conflicting theme styles. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, the Core allows you to set global sizing and color controls to effect other Typography stacks that are placed within it. This […]

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Super Forms

April 15, 2015

Set Up 1) Super Forms requires PHP to send mail. To allow your pages to use PHP click the Configure button (wrench icon) and select the Advanced tab. 2a) Then change the Extension option from html to php. This will make it so every new page you add to your project is a php enabled page. 2b) If you are adding Super Forms to a Stacks page that was already created (before you set the extension to php) you will need to manually change the extension of that page. To do so navigate to the Page Inspector > General Settings Tab and […]

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January 13, 2015

Setting Up Pages Sweep is a unique RapidWeaver theme that allows you to build one page websites. In order to make this possible we have created simple to use short codes that you can use to mark your different sections (We will still call those sections ‘pages’ even though the page will not have to load when a user navigates to them). If you own the Stacks Plugin you can use the included stacks for a an even easier setup and ignore these steps and short codes. Step 1: Using the Short Codes   To create your first page add […]

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