Cinema Slider

May 28, 2015

Set up First drag and drop the Cinema Slider Stack into the Stacks editor. It should appear like the screenshot below. Then drag and drop the Cinema Slide Stack into the “Drop stacks here.” section located underneath the heading “Add Slide Stacks Below”. Repeat this step until you have as many slides as you want to use. Your finished result should appear like the screen shot below. Now select the first Cinema Slide stack and in the panel on the right side of RapidWeaver click the browse button underneath the section labeled “Slide Settings”. Locate the first image you wish […]

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Pinterest Connect

May 21, 2015

Important! The Pinterest Connect script is not supposed to run multiple times on a page, though this may not always cause a problem. However, it is recommended by Pinterest to never run it more than once and to run it below all Pinterest API calls. For this reason please make sure that only the last instance of Pinterest Connect on your page has the script enabled. All other instances should have the script disabled (the last customization option). Note also that the Image Hover Button option will only work if the script is running, so if you wish to take […]

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May 1, 2015

Typography is a stack suite comprised of 6 stacks Core Font Import Headers Texts Buttons Code CORE  The core is intended to assist many of the stacks within, though is primarily built to support Headers, Text & Font Importing. It is not necessary in all cases, but will often assist with stronger CSS that may assist in overriding conflicting theme styles. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, the Core allows you to set global sizing and color controls to effect other Typography stacks that are placed within it. This saves you the time of re-styling in many cases and also […]

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Super Forms

April 15, 2015

Set Up 1) Super Forms requires PHP to send mail. To allow your pages to use PHP click the Configure button (wrench icon) and select the Advanced tab. 2a) Then change the Extension option from html to php. This will make it so every new page you add to your project is a php enabled page. 2b) If you are adding Super Forms to a Stacks page that was already created (before you set the extension to php) you will need to manually change the extension of that page. To do so navigate to the Page Inspector > General Settings Tab and […]

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January 13, 2015

Setting Up Pages Sweep is a unique RapidWeaver theme that allows you to build one page websites. In order to make this possible we have created simple to use short codes that you can use to mark your different sections (We will still call those sections ‘pages’ even though the page will not have to load when a user navigates to them). If you own the Stacks Plugin you can use the included stacks for a an even easier setup and ignore these steps and short codes. Step 1: Using the Short Codes   To create your first page add […]

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November 28, 2014

Install the stack then drag it onto the page and put anything that you want to hide or show inside it   Setting up Step1:  Set the the amount of the breakpoint (note: the amount is the the size of the screen or browser) Step2: Click on the “Display Off ” option if you want your content to hide.   (note: if you want the content to disappear on both break points then select it for both or if you want it to show at a certain point then don’t click it. ) Additional information: -Once the size of the screen reaches […]

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Responsive Grids

November 20, 2014

Here is a customer review/tutorial on Ice Box by William Winter Getting Started Step 0: Download and install stack.  Step 1: Drag the stack onto the page . After dragging the stack onto the page, select the amount of columns that you want displayed. The selector for that can be found in the stack options under (Column Selection). Step 2: Input the content that you want into the stack.   Grid Activation The grid is an option that will reduce the amount of times that you have to drag Responsive Grids onto a page. Step 1: Turn on the grid option […]

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Affero 2

November 7, 2014

How To Set Up the Slider Step 1: Navigate to your Page Inspector > Styles Menu and enable the Slider by selecting ‘Slider’ under the Banner Setting option.   ->  ->  Step 2: View your project in Edit mode by clicking the edit button. Step 3: Import or drag and drop an image into your editor. Step 4: Double click the image and in the popup menu change the Filename to something that includes the word ‘slide’.   Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have as many images you want to use in the slider. Affero’s Slider will […]

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Font Awesome Pro

October 13, 2014

Font Awesome Pro The pro version allows customization of the Font Awesome icons. You still need the free version to activate Font Awesome (if your theme doesn’t have it running already). After Font Awesome is activated/imported Font Awesome Pro’s customization options will work. Note, occasionally fonts may not appear in Edit Mode and often saving the page will cause a reload and then display the icons correctly. Category: Allows you to select from Font Awesome’s icon categories that they have on their website. Depending on the category you select will depend on what icons appear available in the next drop-down […]

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Parallax Switch

September 18, 2014

Setup Step 1: In Parallax Switch’s “General Controls” section select a the number of items you would like to switch between using the “# of Items” option. Typically you will want to select 2 or 3 items, anything higher is for the “Play Items as Frames” Option (this is described under the “Auto Play” heading below). Step 2: Select a “Position” option. Step 2a Relative: “Relative” will place the Stack’s content where ever you have placed it, just as you would expect with any other stack you place into your editor. Step 2b Fixed: “Fixed” means that the stack will […]

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