Simple Text Pro

July 17, 2014

Definition of Terms (Pro Version) This section will not cover all the options (that is covered below), but just the added options for Font Awesome Pro. General Options Inherit Font : This is turned on by default and simply inherits whatever font is already set for your page by the theme you’re using. Unchecking will bring up the next option. Font Family : This section is only visible when Inherit Font is turned off. This section lets you select from the basic web safe fonts, but the last option on it allows for the importing of custom fonts and reveals […]

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Simple Headers Pro

July 10, 2014

NOTE, FitText will only work in responsive themes Definition of Terms Header: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6. Header tags are HTML tags that help users and search engines read the flow of content on a page. They are valuable for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, though can hurt a page if misused. To use correctly consider a table of contents – h1 would be the title of book, h2 would be all the chapters, h3 would be topics within chapters, h4 sub-topics, and so on. Custom Class. This is a blank field by default and adding any text to it will […]

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Retina Ready

June 26, 2014

Create 2 images with one twice the size (or larger if preferred) in the Resources section to the left. The larger one should have a name ending in the suffix along with the file type extension. Example: image1.png and image1_2x.png For organization you can create a folder in the Resources section (right click Resources) in which case the folder name would come before the image name followed by a forward slash and then the image name. Example: folder/image1.png Retina Ready will not load the larger image unless the device calls for it. This will save on load time and provide […]

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June 19, 2014

Phaleg offers a plethora of unique styling controls. Let us go over each option in further detail. Table of Contents Parallax Slider Application Extra Content Stack General Options Page Specific Options Text Options Image Slider Options Extra Content Stack Options Changelog Back to Top Parallax Slider Application Step 1: Export your desired images on the Resources section of RapidWeaver. Resources is located on the leftmost side of the application. The slider corresponds to the images exported on this section, so take heed to this when applying them. Step 2: Locate the Phaleg Slider Snippet on the Snippets section of RapidWeaver. […]

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Vimeo Connect

May 7, 2014

  Linking a video   Step 1: Find the video that you want to use and click share.   Step 2: Get the video Id for the video.”an example of what a video id looks like is shown below”   Step 3: Insert the code into the Video Id section in the VimeoConnect options in stacks.  After that enjoy your video.    

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Instagram Connect

May 2, 2014

Download a demo file by clicking here Overview: Instagram Connect gets images from Instagram either via your User ID, or via a hashtag (#rapidweaver). You can use the built-in lightbox and turn on/off captions and linking to instagram – as well as controlling the resolution, sorting, # of images, gutters, and the overall layout of the images. Basic Set Up: 1. Drag Instagram Connect onto your stacks page. 2. Get your User ID. (if you want to use a #hashtag instead, skip to step 4) Go here (, and enter your instagram username into the box. Click the ‘Go’ button, […]

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Youtube Connect

April 30, 2014

Linking a video Step 1: Find the video that you want to use and click share. Step 2: Copy the link like  shown in the image below. The link must note contain the “” or it will not work only what is within the “”. Step 3: Paste the code into the Video Id section in the YoutubeConnect options in stacks.  After that enjoy your video.     Define Terms Width: The width determines the size that you want it to display on the page. It ranges from 200px all the way up to 6000px. Full Width: This will allow you […]

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April 17, 2014

Definition of Terms General Options Theme : Three themes comes with the stack (Default, Image, Tab). Default is a simple container that has the sorta look that it’s floating, Image allows you to replace the button with an image that you can upload (one is provided in the download files), and Tab is a tab that pops out from the bottom. Font Awesome On : Allows you to easily add font awesome icons in, though you must still activate font awesome with our Free Font Awesome stack (unless your theme has it already) – note that there is a paid […]

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April 11, 2014

Booklit Stack The Booklit Stack is placed first onto your Stacks page. Afterwards, you can place the Booklit Page Stack inside and sequentially place the Page Stacks one below each other again and again untill you have as many pages as you want to use. Definition of Terms Round Corners Allows you to add rounded borders to the page and book edges. (Supported in IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.) Use Navigation Arrows When not enabled, users will need to click on the page itself to turn through the pages. When enabled, users will use the left and right navigation buttons […]

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Parallax Warp

April 9, 2014

  Download a demo file by clicking here Overview: The stacks you place inside parallax warp can be rotated, moved(translated), and made transparent – so that when the user scrolls down, and the stack comes into view, it triggers the animation that un-rotates it, moves it back to it’s original spot, and makes it 100% opaque. Then, if the user scrolls back up the page, the animation is played in reverse as the stack goes out of view (unless ‘Only Trigger Once’ is checked on). You can place any content you like inside of Parallax Warp, text, images, videos, other […]

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