April 17, 2014

Definition of Terms General Options Theme : Three themes comes with the stack (Default, Image, Tab). Default is a simple container that has the sorta look that it’s floating, Image allows you to replace the button with an image that you can upload (one is provided in the download files), and Tab is a tab that pops out from the bottom. Font Awesome On : Allows you to easily add font awesome icons in, though you must still activate font awesome with our Free Font Awesome stack (unless your theme has it already) – note that there is a paid […]

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April 11, 2014

Booklit Stack The Booklit Stack is placed first onto your Stacks page. Afterwards, you can place the Booklit Page Stack inside and sequentially place the Page Stacks one below each other again and again untill you have as many pages as you want to use. Definition of Terms Round Corners – Allows you to add rounded borders to the page and book edges. (Supported in IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.) Use Page Navigation – When not enabled, users will need to click on the page itself to turn through the pages. When enabled, users will use the left and right […]

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Parallax Warp

April 9, 2014

Download a demo file by clicking here Overview: The stacks you place inside parallax warp can be rotated, moved(translated), and made transparent – so that when the user scrolls down, and the stack comes into view, it triggers the animation that un-rotates it, moves it back to it’s original spot, and makes it 100% opaque. Then, if the user scrolls back up the page, the animation is played in reverse as the stack goes out of view (unless ‘Only Trigger Once’ is checked on). You can place any content you like inside of Parallax Warp, text, images, videos, other stacks, […]

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Typewriter Pro

March 27, 2014

Definition of Terms Loop : Selected by default this option causes the marquee (typing effect) to repeat itself when finished – turning this off will cause the text only to be typed out a single time Initial Delay : Set to 1 second by default, this controls the amount of time the stack allows to elapse before initializing Typing Delay : Typing delay controls the speed at which the text is typed in milliseconds Cursor : This turns on/off the | icon that is displayed at the end of the text Blinking Cursor : This turns on/off the blinking animation […]

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Sticky Navs

March 7, 2014

Font Awesome Icons Activating Font Awesome is necessary for the icons of this stack to function. To avoid heavy load times Font Awesome was not included in Sticky Navs, but rather made as a separate and completely free stack (included in your zip file). This stack must be dragged onto the page for the icons to work. After this is added, the icons can be changed by selecting each individual navigation section. The icon text commands can be found here: Creating “Inner” list item sections Simple use RapidWeaver’s built-in list item tool. Create a basic unordered list. When using […]

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February 25, 2014

Seaworthy offers a plethora of unique styling controls. Let us go over each option in further detail. Table of Contents Applying Slider Extra Content Stack General Options Page Specific Options Slider Options Mobile Options Extra Content Options Text Options Changelog Back to Top Applying Slider Step 1: Export your desired images on the Resources section of RapidWeaver. Resources is located on the leftmost side of the application. The slider corresponds to the images exported on this section, so take heed to this when applying them. Step 2: Locate the Seaworthy Slider Snippet on the Snippets section of RapidWeaver. Further examination […]

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Touch Carousel

February 5, 2014

Basic Setup: Step 1: Double Click the TouchCarousel stack to install it. Step 2: Restart RapidWeaver so that all changes take place. Step 3: Drag an TouchCarousel stack onto your page. Steps: Step 1: Drag touchCarousel into the stacks page. Step 2: Drag touchCarouselInner into touchSlide. For more slides place the TouchCarouselInner like so.     Enjoy!

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Touch Slide

January 22, 2014

Basic Setup: Step 1: Double Click the TouchSlide stack to install it. Step 2: Restart RapidWeaver so that all changes take place. Step 3: Drag an TouchSlide stack onto your page. Steps: Step 1: Drag touchSlide into the stacks page. Step 2: Drag touchSlideInner into touchSlide. For more slides place the TouchSlideInner like so.       Step 3 “optional”: Drag TouchSlideCaption into TouchSlideInner. Make sure that you place it into the bottom grey box. Do’s: Images:   A proper set up should look like this. An image or video placed in the top section and a caption at the […]

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January 15, 2014

Basic Setup: Step 1: Double Click the XL stack to install it. Step 2: Restart RapidWeaver so that all changes take place. Step 3: Drag an XL stack onto your page. Definition of terms: Full Screen – General Options: Button Style: Select either square or arrow buttons, or choose custom to use your own images. Color: Change the color of the square and arrow buttons. Go Fullscreen/Go Normal: Go Fullscreen – Select an image to display while in normal (small screen) mode which, when clicked, enters fullscreen mode. Go Normal – Select an image to display while in fullscreen mode […]

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December 20, 2013

Slider/Banner Images Step 1 Add all the images you want to use to the Resources section by clicking on the Add Resource button in the top left of the RapidWeaver window. Step 2 Copy and Paste the code below into the main content editor or into the sidebar content. 1 2 3 <div id="sliderContent"> <!–Paste Step 3′s Code Here –> </div> Step 3 Select from the 3 options below and copy and paste the code into the sliderContent Div you pasted from Step 2. 1: Single banner image or a default slider image with no caption 1 2 3 <div […]

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