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    1. Drag the ourGlass stack onto your page.

      ourGlass Stack Rapidweaver

    1. Drag any of the preload stacks (or whatever you’d like to display while the content is loading) into the “Loading Animation” area.

      ourGlass Stack Rapidweaver

    1. Drag and drop the content to be loaded into the “Content” area, it can be text, images, stacks, etc…

      ourGlass Stack Rapidweaver

    1. Choose between Hide/Show to instantly display content when it’s ready, or Fade In/Fade Out to transition the preloaded out and the content in smoothly, rather than suddenly.

      ourGlass Stack Rapidweaver

    1. Hide Loading Animation will only make changes inside of Stack’s edit mode, it won’t change anything in preview mode, or once your site is live on a server. If you’re using a lot of animations, edit mode may get bogged down by it so “Hide Loading Animation” will help to make Stacks run a little faster.


  1. Most of the customization options will be found in the preload stack.

Definition of terms:

Most of the preload stacks have size, colors, and reverse:

ourGlass Stack Rapidweaver


Controls the width and height in pixels, different preload stacks have different minimum and maximum sizes available.


Each preload stack has a different # of colors to control. They all use Rapidweaver’s built in color picker.

Reverse Animation:

Some preload stacks spin, others move top to bottom, whatever the case, checking this box reverses the animation direction. So spinning clockwise would become spinning counter-clockwise if this box is checked.

Some of the preload stacks have special controls not found in the others:

ourGlass Stack Rapidweaver
ourGlass Stack Rapidweaver


Found in preloadGyro and preloadPlus. Controls the width of the circle’s borders in Gyro, and the width of the lines in Plus.

# of Circles:

Found in preloadGyro. Choose between 0-50 circles spinning around in random directions.

Select Animation:

Found in preloadRetro. Choose between three different spinner animations within one stack.


ourGlass Stack Rapidweaver


ourGlass Stack Rapidweaver


ourGlass Stack Rapidweaver

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You can use one ourGlass stack for each image or content section to load individual sections independently of each other.
  2. Or try putting all of your page’s content into one ourGlass stack to have all of your content load at once.
  3. Put text describing an image into the “Loading Animation” section, and an image into the “Content” section. This way if an image is large or taking a while to load, the user can see a description while the image finishes loading.
  4. Use a custom gif or other animation in the “Loading Animation” section.


v1.2.0 (April 29, 2014)

  • Customization option for minimum fade out duration added
  • Customization option to delay duration before fade animation added
  • Individual animations are now re-grouped under “1LD Stacks – ourGlass Animations” (these are updated under the individual animations)


  • Solved Several Theme Conflicts

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RapidWeaver Project Documentation

Tutorials and documentation for all 1LD Project files can be found at the link below.

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Super Forms 2 – 1.2.0 Update

Through customer feedback, we were able to add some new features and fix a few bugs with our Super Forms 2 stack. Check out the list of changes below. This update is free for those who own the Super Forms 2 stack. 

Super Forms 2 (Version 1.2.0)

  • NEW: You can now customize each field’s Required/Invalid input message
  • NEW: Customize checkbox true and false values (“Yes” and “No”)
  • NEW: Customize file upload error messages
  • NEW: reCAPTCHA now has an option to support non SSL (http) websites
  • NEW: Support for v2 invisible reCAPTCHA
  • NEW: Support for v3 reCAPTCHA
  • NEW: Set a specific locale/language for reCAPTCHA
  • NEW: Allow the form to submit to Google Sheets and an email address at the same time
  • NEW: Optionally customize the name of each field for Google Spreadsheets and the titles as shown in the sent message
  • Improved: Prevents notices for empty form fields from displaying in PHP logs
  • Improved: Date timezone defaults to UTC in case the server does not have a default defined timezone
  • Fixed: Bug that could stop attachments from being sent properly
  • Fixed: File upload field was rejecting files if the extensions had capital letters
  • Fixed: Bug that could cause attachments to arrive with 0kb file sizes
  • Fixed: Multi select now properly concats selected options
  • Fixed: Checkbox display bug in iOS Safari
  • Other minor bug fixes 

Check it out!

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