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Max Width

Determines the maxium width of the stack, including the contents and tabs

Floating Pill Style

This is a neat feature that creates a floating pill as the selected tab marker, which will then resize and move to the active tab when a tab is changed.

Connect Tabs

This will connect the tabs to the content area, and remove border-radiuses where necessary

Active Tab

Here you can set which tab will be active when the stack initially loads



Here you can select the horizontal alignment for the tabs you can set them to be:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Center

Text Size

Determines the font-size of the text inside of each tab

Icon Size

Determines the size of the icon inside of each tab


Controls the space around each tab, both vertical and horizontal spacing options are avialable.


Controls the amount of space inside of each tab (around the text and the icon)


Controls the corner roundness of each tab


Sets the basic text color of all tabs (not selected ones)


Sets the background for all tabs

Active Text

Sets the color of the active tab

Active BG

Sets the background of the active tab

Tabs > Responsive

Breakpoints (Tablet & Mobile)

Here you can set the points at which the tabs will turn into columns for mobile devices. You can set both the tablet and mobile breakpoints


Here you can set the number of columns for the tab grids on mobile devices. For example 3 columsn means 3 tabs per row, etc.

Hide Text

Simple tabs allows you to hide text optionally for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices, you can select more than one option at a time.

Hide Icons

Simple tabs allows you to hide icons optionally for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices, you can select more than one option at a time.



Sets the amount of vertical/horizontal spacing around the content inside of the content area


Controls the corner roundness of the content area


Sets the color of the text within the content area


Sets the background color of the content area

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Backdrop Stack

Backdrop is a new stack that makes it easy to create high quality backgrounds. Just drop the stack into your project, add layers and arrange them to create stand-out sections. With a few simple clicks you can beautiful and unique designs.

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