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After adding the Author Card Stack to the Stacks’ page, add the included Font-Awesome Stack to enable the icons. After this you can use the Settings Panel to customize your card and select a theme.

Settings Panel

Author Settings

Profile Image – Add your image here. Profile images should be square. Non-square images will be cropped and centered.

Name – Add a name or business name.

Title – Add an occupation or subtitle.

Hover Greeting – This greeting will display in a white chat bubble above the profile image when the card is hovered by a mouse. Keep this value short in order to prevent the chat bubble from covering too much of the photo.

Enable Hover Greeting – Disable this option to remove the “Hover Greeting”.

General Settings

Theme – Choose from 4 card layout themes.

Width – This will adjust the width of the card (The height is determined by the content you add to the card). If the container width is less than the width of the card, the card will adjust to fit inside the container. On mobile screens the card will automatically display in “Vertical Mode”.

Vertical Mode – Optionally display the card in a vertical orientation on all screen sizes.

Name Font – Optionally declare a custom font that will only effect the Name text.

Text Font – Optionally declare a custom font that will effect all text excluding the Name text.

Round Corners – Adjust the radius of the card corners.

Shadow – Select from 6 predefined shadow styles.

Show Content – Show/Hide the “Drop Stacks Here” section of the card.

Show List Items – Show/Hide the “List Item” section of the card (found directly below the “Drop Stacks Here” section).

Show Footer – Show/Hide the footer that contains the social media icons.

Theme Styles

Round Profile Image – Enable/disable a round profile image. This option is only available in the “Standard” and “Solid” themes.

Text – Adjust the colors of the

1: Name

2: Title

3: Content in the “Drop Stacks Here” section and “List Item” section

4: All the links contained on the card.

Background – Adjust the colors of the

1: Main background (Except the “Solid” theme)

2: Footer gradient left (Background gradient left of the “Solid” theme)

3: Footer gradient right (Background gradient right of the “Solid” theme)

4: Dividers found above the “Drop Stacks Here” section and “List Item” section


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Tutorials and documentation for all 1LD Project files can be found at the link below.

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Get the power of a framework, for the price of a theme, in the convenience of a prebuilt RapidWeaver project file


Scroll Shift Stack

Scroll Shift Screenshot

Scroll Shift is the ultimate tool for adding seamless scroll-based animations to your web design projects. Create captivating and engaging websites by effortlessly animating elements as the user scrolls through the page. This tool can bring your designs to life with smooth transitions, eye-catching movements, and precise timing.

Create captivating visuals by linking multiple elements together to form a stacked layer effect. These elements can separate and come together to form a unified element, adding depth and dimension to your designs. The possibilities are endless as you craft intricate animations that leave a lasting impression.

Drive attention to essential content by implementing animations that trigger only when the user scrolls past a specific section. By strategically timing the animations, you can ensure that users take notice of crucial information and engage with your content effectively.

Check it out!

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