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Affero 2

If you’ve already upgraded to RapidWeaver 6 you’ve probably noticed my free theme that comes built-in called Affero. It’s pretty awesome in it’s current condition, but I wanted to make it even more awesome.

Affero 2 is just that and comes built with lots of very cool new features.

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Check it out!


Possibly the easiest slider to use in RapidWeaver – simply include the word “slider” into your images name the Affero will make it a slider and in the same order as you place them on the page. Affero’s slider is also fully responsive and supports video.


Packed with 16 awesome textures including some that were built to include any color for a backdrop. Each page comes built with 3 different sections to call in textures.


Like the simplicity of the slider? Good, we added it to our lightbox too! Simply add the word lightbox into any image name on ANY page and it will function as a lightbox. Additionally, the alternate text will automatically serve as the title for the pop-up.


6 different layout widths that are all fully responsive, which include a full width option and the option to  collapse the menu into a button (this automatically occurs for smaller devices and is touch ready).

More Icons

Affero comes loaded with Font Awesome 4.2, which includes 479 icons. Affero also includes over 25 megabytes of fully colored icons (in other words, a whole lot!).


9 built-in fonts gives an engaging and professional experience to your readers that are customized to be consistent with the theme’s layout and can be set on headers and main content sections.
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6 thoughts on “Affero 2

  • By Johannes - Reply

    I just want to ask if I can change the fonts in Affero by myself? I’ve got some fonts that I want to use on my future website.

    Thanks for an answer

    Best Johannes

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Theme fonts will typically be the default fonts, which you can override with RW’s built-in web safe fonts (“A” icon at the top). To override the theme fonts manually you can do so in the Page Info > Header > CSS section.

      Here’s a blog post

  • By Rob Fry - Reply

    Help – I’m having trouble with the site logo when this site is displayed on a smartphone – the logo won’t resize and forces the site content to the left side of the screen… Is there a fix for this?

  • By jonmeadows - Reply

    Hello Rob,

    We can help you out, shoot us a message using the support page. Sounds like it could be some kind of conflict.

  • By Gary Rottger - Reply

    I purchased your Affero theme for rapidweaver 6. I also use Joe Workmans Vimeo Wall plugin. I get the following
    screen when using Vimeo Wall with Affero. The first video thumbnail jumps to the top of the screen. The title, however, stays in place. Can you help me with this. It is holding me up. Thanks.
    /Users/garyrottger/Desktop/error Affero with vimeo wall.tiff

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