Syntax Highlight RapidWeaver Stack

NOTE, the newest versions now include a checkbox to turn the text off

In some of my latest updates I added some text to promote my Pro versions (not free) of the stacks. I want to keep them there for new customers, but I also want everyone to know how to turn them off if they prefer.

The following stacks will show you how to do just that, though note that the changes will be removed if you download updates for them, which I don’t plan on adding for quite a while (on the free ones at least).

1) Click on the stack icon
2) In the gear icon below select “Show in finder”
3) This will take you to the stack itself. Right click and select “Show package contents”
4) Navigate inside the folder to the index.html file and open it
5) Remove the following code, save, close out RW completely and restart (the following is what’s inside Simple Headers, but other stacks code will look very similar).

%[if edit]%
<h3 style=”color: #666″>
Pro version adds font control, FitText (responsive text), Circle Type (arching text), and more:<br>
<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”></span>