Asgard RapidWeaver Theme

Asgard 2.0

The latest Asgard update offers some awesome new features. Improved banner image integration makes the process of adding pictures even easier and adds new touch & video support including parallax customization options. Asgard is now equipped with Bootstrap to improve speed and performance including many minor bug fixes and responsiveness improvements.

This is a free update
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Parallax Switch

Parallax Switch

Parallax Switch is a major update to the previously titled Parallax Shift (if you own Shift then you get Switch free). Parallax Switch adds several new features including: display current scroll position (for setting up), 7 animations with speed control, “Display at Distance” in descending order (no longer ascending). The update should make the stack dramatically simpler to use.

The preview page is still being built, but you can see a demo of it in our new and Free PURE Project File appropriately titled Switch.

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Offer Expires Sept 26, 2014

To Purchase “Switch” use the link of the Pure4RW page. If you already own Parallax Shift then you can get this for free using our Purchase Order Lookup page.

Parallax Flight

Parallax Flight

Parallax Flight is a new release & a replacement for Parallax Stacks that features a ton of great requests our customers made.

  • Ability to force the stack to fit to the width of the browser window, when used in other themes
  • Parallax Flight can animate Horizontally as well as Vertically
  • You can animate the Stacks and text you place into Parallax Flight as will as the background images
  • Fully functional on iOS
  • Fully functional on mobile devices
  • Parallax Flight is compatible in all browsers including IE back to version 8
  • You can disable the foreground
  • Increased compatibility with other stacks
  • Control the speed of movement using pixel values instead of percentages, this give you more control over how far you want an image to move based on its size

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Parallax Orbit RapidWeaver Stack

Parallax Orbit

Parallax Orbit is a Parallaxing background effect, beautifully animating background image(s) relative to the tilt of your mobile device, or mouse position for desktops and laptops. Layer multiple transparent images on top of each other for a rich parallax effect, or use a small repeating texture to save on load time.

With Parallax Orbit, you can set a Big image – Medium Image – and Small Image, which load according to the screen size and improve performance. You also have full control over the speed, direction, and offset of each image.

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Parallax Shift RapidWeaver Stack

Parallax Shift

Parallax Shift allows you to create Stack sections that can appear/disappear, cycle through images, or even change between different stacks. These events change on mouse scrolling as is typical in Parallax effects.

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Offer Expires July 5, 2013

Parallax Stacks RapidWeaver Stacks

Parallax Stacks

Parallax Stacks Uses use the power of jQuery to create awesome parallax background effects. Easily control the scroll speed and direction of two background layers. Add any stack you want as content and use it in any theme! You can also use the Parallax Stacks Wrap as a fantastic responsive one page animated scrolling website, just like the one you see here!

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GlideSlide Slider Stack

GlideSlide Slider Stack Released

Offers a simple to use and customize fully responsive slider stack. GlideSlide uses the latest CSS3 techniques to emulate parallax animation effects creating a beautiful and modern design for your sliders.

GlideSlide is built as 3 Stacks in one creating a easy and intuitive drag and drop design to its use. GlideSlide is specifically made for themes that offer extra content sections in the Slider or Top Banner section of the theme.