Carousel Complete RapidWeaver Stack

Carousel Complete

Carousel Complete is an innovative touch friendly carousel and slider featuring the options for video and animation. Carousel images and videos are fully responsive and provide options for autoplay, auto-height, pagination designs, transition effects, and much more.

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Touch Carousel

Touch Carousel

Add fully responsive carousels with touch/swipe capability. Simply swipe the carousel with your mouse or finger (if using a touch device). Images adjust to the screen size for users to display images or other stacks.

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cleanCarousel RapidWeaver Stack by 1LD

cleanCarousel 3.0 Free Update

  • Now Sparkle Ready!
  • Inner Stack omitted; place content directly inside container stack
  • Resolved conflict with multiple Carousel instances on the same page
  • Carousel themes improved (an removed theme can be achieved with customization options)
  • Pagination added (including position & color options)
  • 9 button controls/arrows
  • Improved customization options section.
cleanCarousel RapidWeaver Stack by 1LD

cleanCarousel 2.0.0 Update

This is a pretty huge update that adds some new features and customization options for cleanCarousel and is largely a result of all the excellent feedback and feature requests we’ve received. If you requested a feature you don’t see in this update it is likely scheduled for another update in the near future. Thanks for all your feedback (you know who you are).

  • Constant Run (slow & constant cycling – hover stop disabled)
  • Button Types (2 styles and lots of colors)
  • Outer Buttons (displays buttons outside of carousel – padding needed)
  • Hover Pause
  • Grayscale Effect (modern browsers will show images in grayscale and color is restored when the mouse hovers over)
  • Transparent Effect {adds a transparency to images – full opacity is restored on hover)

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