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Simple Headers Free RapidWeaver Stack

Simple Headers is a free RapidWeaver Stack that offers extended control over HTML Headers. Customization options allow you to easily change between Headers 1 – 6, Inherit font sytle or change it with control over font size, font weight, underlining, italicizing, and alignment (left, right, center, justify). Inherit coloring or change the color and hover color. Lastly, you can add a custom class of your choosing (optional).

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Get the power of a framework, for the price of a theme, in the convenience of a prebuilt RapidWeaver project file


New Release: Emphasize RapidWeaver Stack

The Emphasize stack highlights important content on your page by scroll position. Encourage page visitor interaction without the use of pop ups which need to be closed before continuing. This can help maintain engagement by letting the content lose focus naturally as the page is scrolled.


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