Sticky Navs RapidWeaver Stack

Updated Sticky Navs now allows for custom images to be used, auto-vertical centering, more mobile controls and positioning controls. Thanks to everyone who gave me the requests and feedback as well – that helps me keep improving the products for you 🙂

This update is free for existing customers.

20% Discount Code: 20_stickyNav_102014
Offer Expires October 10, 2014

Full list of updates:

  • Custom image option (insert your own images)
  • Image width option (set to the size of your largest custom image)
  • Auto Vertical Centering on page load option (in advanced controls) – must set Distance option to zero for perfect spacing
  • Mobile Off option (removes Sticky Navs on small screen devices if turned on)
  • Mobile Off Screen Size control (control the screen size for removal of Sticky Navs)
  • Sticky Navs container now has the class “stickyNavs” to assist in unique customization
  • Distance can be set to percentage (pixels by default)

Check it out!