Scroll Up

I renamed my Scotty stack to a more intuitive name “Scroll Up,” which allows you to place a button on your Stacks pages that allows viewers to smoothly return to the top of the page. You can control how far viewers have to scroll before the button appears and how quickly they return. Place text information or a simple image.

Scroll Up can now be centered at the bottom (left and right are still options as well). 29 new icons are added in just to help save time for those who want a simple icon for their button.

This offer is free for customers of Scotty (you will receive a separate email with download details, but if you do not receive it in the next 24 hours please contact our Support).

30% Discount Code: 30_scrollUp_062016
Offer Expires June 10, 2016

Check it out!

NOTE, because this product has been renamed, if you have already purchased “Scotty” an email will be sent to you shortly along with instructions on how to receive your free copy.