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The version you need is Stacks 2.1.8

If you are experiencing any of your Stacks not working on your page that you have purchased from us (and likely many purchased from other developers) please download the update for Stacks 2 that should appear as a pop-up window when you next start RapidWeaver.

I’m uncertain as to what is causing the error, but I’ve heard the problem may have been caused by a jQuery update and a Google API update or change. The latest Stacks patch resolves this issue and will restore jQuery functionality, which is extremely important if a Stack uses the built-in jQuery API call that Stacks allows developers to call.

Stacks that we have developed that will be affected: cleanAccordion, cleanTabs, twitterConnect, Hang Glider, Cyklone Links, Cyklone Pix.


  1. Restart RapidWeaver
  2. The Stacks patch will appear in a window
  3. Download & Install the patch
  4. Publish your website
  5. You’re done!

More information on this at the RealMac Forum.

Download the most recent version of Stacks Here.