As our inventory has grown it has become increasingly difficult for us to show our customers what products we have available. In response, we’ve added a very cool and lightening fast search engine including one-click categories that are all powered by Angular.js, so your results load without the whole page having to. We did this back in July, but we haven’t stopped there.

To improve the site even more we’ve added some very cool new sorting options.


Select the icons to change the sorting. The first icon (calendar) sorts by date. The second icon (US dollar) sorts by price. The third icon (A) sorts alphabetically.

Ascending Descending

We’ve also added an Ascending (Asc) and Descending (Desc) option so you can control in what direction the sort filters.

Latest News

We also added a “Latest News” section in our header so you can stay caught up with any updates or new releases we’ve launched. This shows our latest 4 blog posts, which we update whenever we have news, major product updates, or new product releases.


Finally, you’ll notice we’ve added a cool little star to some of our products. This is simply to represent some of our most popular products, which we imagine a majority of customers will want to know about.

Want to see any added features? Let us know! Not only are we thankful, but if we choose your suggestion you will be handsomely rewarded 🙂