Comical Morpheus Meme about RapidWeaver Advanced Search

We’ve had a lot of customers ask of if something like this existed and after so many times we finally said decided to make it ourselves.

RapidWeaver Advanced Search (RAS) is designed for a single reason – to help RapidWeaver customers find the addon(s) they are looking for.

RAS does this by first adding an advanced search engine with addon type, category, and developer sorting filters. After that we allow for filtering based on pricing minimum and maximums as well as ordering filters, such as the highest ranked to display ahead of lower ranked items. Finally, we allow registered users to leave comments and reviews on the addons they own.

We have no current or future intent on monetizing the website or charging users or developers. The website is purely a resource to add to the RapidWeaver market and facilitate a positive experience for customers. Further, we have no biased influence on the website in respect that all users and developers merely wish for a resource to assist them in their purchasing decisions.

We hope this serves the community well as a tool to find great RapidWeaver themes, plugins and stacks.

Check it out at RapidWeaver Advanced Search.