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Adding Images to the Slider

Step 1: Add the images you wish to use to the “Resources” section.

Adding an image to your resources

Step 2: Navigate to your Page Inspector > HTML tab > Header Tab.

Page Inspector - HTML - Header

Step 3: Copy and Paste the code below into the text area.

<img src="%resource(paisley.png)%" alt="example" title="Caption text here" />

Step 4: Change name_of_resource.jpg to match the name of your resource & be sure to make sure the extension matches as well (png, jpeg, or jpg). The names are case sensitive so slide-1.jpg in the code and slide-1.JPG in the resource section would not work.

Step 5: Change the value of ‘title’ to your desired caption or delete title if you don’t wish to display a caption.

Step 6: Repeat steps until you have as many photos you want to display in the slider, preview and you are complete. Your finished code in the Header-Header section should be similar to the screen shot below.

Slider images in the header

Adding Content to the Promotional Boxes

Step 1: Navigate to the Sidebar Tab of the Page Inspector > Sidebar.

Page inspector sidebar tab

Step 2: Copy and Paste the code below into the Sidebar text area.

<div id="myExtraContent1"> 
Promo Box 1 Content Here 
<div id="myExtraContent2"> 
Promo Box 2 Content Here 
<div id="myExtraContent3"> 
Promo Box 3 Content Here 
<div id="myExtraContent4"> 
Promo Box 4 Content Here 

Step 3: Highlight the code & select Ignore Formatting from the Format Drop down menu (or press ? . ).

ignore formatting

Step 4: Add your desired content to each section replacing the text “Promo Box # Content Here”. Then Highlight everything between

<div id="myExtraContent#">

& select Ignore Formatting from the Format Drop down menu again (or press ? . ). The content will now not be highlighted in pink anymore and only the HTML code will be highlighted as code.

Step 5: Preview and you are complete. Your finished code in the Sidebar should be similar to the screen shot below.

Promo Boxes

Social Media Icons

Step 1: Social Media Icons can be placed in the Main Content area, Sidebar, and Site Slogan. Copy and paste the code below into your desired location.

<div id="socialMedia"> 


Step 2: Copy the code below and paste it between <div id=”socialMedia”> & </div>.

<a href="http://www.webaddresshere.com"><span>#</span></a>

Step 3: Find the Social Media Icon you wish you use from the Glyph Chart below.

Just Vector Glyph Chart

Step 4: Type the corresponding letter in-between <span> & </span>.

Step 5: Replace http://www.webaddresshere.com with the address to your social media site.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3 – 5 untill you have all the icons you wish to use.

Step 7: Highlight the code & select Ignore Formatting from the Format Drop down menu (or press ? . ). Your finished results should resemble the screen shot below.

Social Media links HTML

Navigation Subtitles

Step 1: After creating a page, double click the title to begin renaming the page.

Step 2: Type in <p> & then your desired subtitle followed by </p>. Your finished title should resemble the screenshot below.


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