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To save time and secure consistency between page designs it is highly recommended to Create (or Save) custom styling for a pages, which you can later upload to any other created pages for them to inherit all styling done to that page, such as selections made throughout various theme settings. Fortunately, RapidWeaver makes this proces incredibly simple, though it is not immediately intuitive for most users who are new to RapidWeaver.

1. In the backend (where you add your pages’ content) open the Page Inspector (example) located in the top right:


2. Then select the Styles (example) button in the Page Inspectors pop up menu:

RapidWeaver 6 Inspector Page Styles

3. Navigate to the Gear icon. This will open a drop-down menu, which will give you the option to “Save Custom Style” which will prompt you for a name if selected – I recommend making a name that is semantically easy to identify later, such as the name of your site, which can be followed with the page that you set it with if you plan to have several different styles for your websites theme.

4. After this has been saved it will now show up in the drop-down menu when the Folder icon (example) located next to the Gear icon. With great ease you can create a new page and then select your existing custom styles and it will immediately be applied to your page.

Note that this will apply all theme customization options you select in the “Styles” section of the Page Inspector.

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