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cleanAccordion is a simple-to-use & customize drag-and-drop jQuery accordion stack.

100% Reponsive

Go ahead and test it out – this theme is the fully responsive Cabernet 2. Resize your screen and watch cleanAccordion adjust to the size.

Where You Can Place It

Anywhere stacks can go cleanAccordion can follow. You will need an additional plugin to place outside of the page element, such as PlusKit.

How Many Tabs You Are Limited To

NONE! There is absolutely no limit… well of course it might look silly after a while if you put too many, and if you put just one it sorta defeats the purpose… but you still can.

It’s so easy to use that this is pretty much all you need to know:

  • Double click the install file (its now installed almost instantly)
  • Create a Stacks page
  • Drag the cleanAccordion (Container) into the stacks page (left image below)
  • Drag cleanAccordion (Inner) into the container section (right image below)
  • Add more by easily dragging them above or below each other (change order easily)

cleanAccordion Container ImagecleanAccordion Inner Image

Customize Options

  • Theme 1 and 2
  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Border Radius (rounded corners)
  • Border Size (Outer)
  • Border Size (Inner)
  • Border Color (Outer) for Theme 2
  • Border Color (Inner) for Theme 2
  • Title Background Color for Theme 2
  • Description Color for Theme 2
  • Title Text Color
  • Title Text Color (Hover)
  • Title Text Shadow Color
  • Description Text Color
  • 4 Gradient Color Controls for Theme 1


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