Seaworthy Responsive RapidWeaver Theme

Seaworthy – New RapidWeaver Theme

Seaworthy blends a beautiful responsive design with a flat minimal layout. Easy to use navbar perfect for tablets & smartphones. Packaged with Font Awesome built in along with a free copy of our Extra Content stack for building extra layers of content on your pages.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_Seaworthy_022014
Offer Expires February 28

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2 thoughts on “Seaworthy – New RapidWeaver Theme

  • By Mick Turner - Reply

    Hello Jeremy et al,
    Nice theme and so pleased to see the ‘sticky menu’ (something I think is often ignored in these days of ‘longer’ pages). Good clean lines and potentially well worth getting. It’s only ‘potentially’ as there seems to be a demo page missing – the one that lets you know what options there are. Colour choices and where applied; background textures/images; sidebar positions; number of extra content areas and where; fonts used and where; header/banner hight choices; 960 and full width or is there other options; what additional 1LD stacks were used or do we assume they are included, and so on – well you know what I mean! Even at the introductory discount, I’m not keen on shelling out $20+ of something I couldn’t customise to suit an established ‘corporate’ colour scheme or individual taste.
    Any help on this? – before 28th Feb. if possible :)

  • By Mick Turner - Reply

    Hello Jeremy,
    The updated ‘Demo’ pages have ‘sold’ it for me. Good style options and the ability to customise to keep to established favourite colours etc. Many thanks for adding the ‘missing’ page. Dare I add the pun? – the site is not just ‘Seaworthy’, it’s now ‘Ship Shape and 1LD Fashion’ (Narrr, should leave it out, you’ll probably not be familiar with old UK sayings!).
    Thanks for the extra info. Now to get my discount.
    Mick T

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