Poseidon RapidWeaver Theme

Poseidon Theme Release

Poseidon powerfully & beautifully brings subtle design features, powerful functionality, and a fully responsive design. The navigation menu is fixed to the top of the page so every user never loses their ability to quickly navigate through your site. As users move throughout the site subtle web animation techniques employ an unforgettable experience without being too flashy. This theme is perfect for coupling with Hang Glider creating a dazzling experience as user’s screen sizes change from landscape to portrait on mobile devices and tablets.

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One thought on “Poseidon Theme Release

  • By Mick Turner - Reply

    This is a bit of a departure for 1LD isn’t it? Very ‘minimal’ and no clue as to customisable options on the preview pages – I assume there is some? / lots?, but would like to know for certain. But then, perhaps that’s the charm of ‘keeping you guessing’ or taking a gamble (but at around $30, that many not be a worthwhile gamble, even for themes of 1LD normal high standard).

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