Hemera RapidWeaver Theme

Hemera – New Responsive RapidWeaver Theme

Quickly and easily build a fully responsive sharp looking website for your online business with Hemera. Simple and intuitive customization options packed with our great support team helps you launch your new site or change your existing site’s design. Supported by all modern browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer 8+. Subtle animation and design effects give your visitors that “wow” reaction and professional glare perfect for any small to medium sized business. Another one of the very cool things you get with this theme is this pre-built demonstration site packed in for Free, so you can see exactly how we achieved all the effects that are shown (images not included).

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7 thoughts on “Hemera – New Responsive RapidWeaver Theme

  • By Dana - Reply

    Where is the tutorial located in Hemera? Just purchased the theme and I can’t find out how to place social media icons on top of pages, place icon in navigation menu. Trying to figure out how to do what you did on your preview page.

  • By Michael - Reply

    Just buyed, but is there cool ready to use template / tutorial? I only can see a coded view

  • By Dave Solinsky - Reply

    I got your Hemera theme the other day. Good but having a few problems unique to this theme

    1. links to internal site resources don’t work
    2. In text stacks, the bullets don’t show in preview or published pages
    3. I would like to move my logo to the right a bit
    4. Can I get a graphic or something in the title / sub title area?

    I think there is a theme problem with the first two items. The last two are related to my skill level…

    Thanks for any info you can provide. I love the responsiveness of the theme and the way it appears on a variety of mobile devices. Good work.

    • By jonmeadows - Reply

      Hello Dave,

      Could I have you contact through the support link in the footer of this page and send me a link to your website (If it is published, if not ,are you able to upload to a test URL)?

      Just title the subject line, “Link for Jon”

      Some of the issues are site specific and I can cook up some quick CSS that will help.

  • By Dave Solinsky - Reply

    I want to use the custom header stack (very cool) with the menu stack. How do I get rid of the standard theme menu and excess space at the top of the page

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