Omnicon RapidWeaver Theme

Omnicon 1.5

Lots of new updates to improve our Omnicon RapidWeaver Theme. Changes to improve the menu, turn off certain displayable sections, full background customization support, 3rd tier for nav, and more. In addition, several bugs were fixed and the overall page load speed has been increased.

This is a free update for existing customers.
25% Discount Code: 25_omnicon15_082016
Offer Expires August 26, 2016


  • New: Display mode that puts the sidebar and menu off canvas and allows you to fix the Topbar to the top of the browser menu.
  • New: Logo fit options to support different orientation images.
  • New: Included Row Stack now supports full background coloring options with image controls.
  • New: Fix position background images with the updated Row Stack.
  • New: Option to disable the Footer.
  • New: Option to disable the sidebar.
  • New: Updated template project showing off the new features.
  • Improved: Live Search speed for large websites.
  • Improved: Added styling to RapidWeaver’s Contact Form plugin.
  • Improved: Menu now supports 3 more sub-menu levels.
  • Improved: Page load speed.
  • Fixed: Sub-menu bug that could cause the menus to appear below the content
  • Fixed: Bug that would cause the search bar to overlap with the menu toggle button
  • Fixed: Bug causing the blog title tags to show when tags were disabled
  • Fixed: Sitemap page was not showing the correct title
  • Fixed: Previous update caused the search feature to stop working in some cases.
  • Fixed: Display issue with Firefox browsers when the Topbar was set to “collapse”
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