Conversa RapidWeaver Theme Screenshot

Conversa Theme Update V1.5.0

conversa screen shot

New Features:

  • 8 New Textures
  • New Colour Options
  • New Option to change the Height of the Banner (100px-650px)
  • New Option to add texture to the Main Content
  • New layout Options for the Banner & Main Content Areas
  • New design & layout for mobile devices
  • New Option for the Slider captions to change from a solid color to transparent white or black

Bug Fixes:

  • Now compatible with the “Consolidate CSS” option in the preferences menu
  • IE8 and earlier compatibility enhancements
  • Shadows & Coloring fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes

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6 thoughts on “Conversa Theme Update V1.5.0

  • By gaby - Reply

    slider doesnt work

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hey Gaby, Could you describe the issue in a little more detail? It’s likely just an option that needs to be selected and then the slider will work fine :)

      • By Gabriel Schwarb - Reply

        The slider work on rapidweaver but not online and not on the local files on the computer when i publish the site

        • By Gabriel Schwarb - Reply

          Sorry i forgot to put the URL relative to website, it works like a charm! My bad!

  • By Matt - Reply

    Where do I download this Update for Conversa theme again?
    Or can you email me an update?

    Thanks! Matt

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Update link work good for you Matt?

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