Carpe Diem Rapidweaver Theme Screenshot

Carpe Diem & cleanTabs Minor Patch

A couple very small patches were made to cleanTabs and the Carpe Diem theme.

Carpe Diem

  • Fixed responsive conflict with various stacks
  • Other minor bugs were fixed


  • Removes font-family call – will now inherit theme font or Stacks assigned font

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2 thoughts on “Carpe Diem & cleanTabs Minor Patch

  • By Byron Songer - Reply

    I purchased Carpe Diem as part of a MacUpdate bundle. Therefore, I don’t have a Purchase Order from 1LD to submit so that I can receive the update to test against an issue I’m having.

    The issue is this — getting the promotion boxes to display correctly. The tutorial is of little help. It seems that some graphic or text is missing. Also, it would be nice to know exactly what a promotion box is. There is no explanation that I can find, just the mention of them. I’m surmising that they may be like the three boxes displayed at the bottom of the Carpe Diem page found here

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