Canari 2.0 RapidWeaver Theme

Canari 2.0

Canari 2.0 is a big update to one of our best selling themes of all time.

Here is a list of the changes:

  • Foundation 5 is used to add new functionality to the site
  • 5 more extra content sections are added
  • New full width slider as an option
  • New menu that supports endless tiers (no limit on the amount of subcategories)
  • New mobile menu
  • Content displays on mobile devices in an improved look
  • New page loading animation (can be turned off)
  • JavaScript cleaned up for faster load times (jQuery & jQuery UI APIs are being called)
  • New Fonts Added (Aileron, Aleo, Medio, & Penna)
  • All lines converted into purely CSS – colors can be changed
  • More footer color control options added

This update is FREE for existing customers of Canari.

20% Off discount coupon for new customers: 20_canari_032014

Check it out!

How to update

1. If you purchased during the MacUpdate Bundle please use our Contact Form and send us your invoice #, First and Last Name, and E-mail address.

2. All other purchases, please us our Purchase Order Lookup form.


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13 thoughts on “Canari 2.0

  • By Peter Brunette - Reply

    It’s nice to know the Canari 2.0 update is free for those, like me, who have previous versions of the Canari theme, but the one thing I can’t seem to figure out, either from this page or from the email you sent about the update, is how to get it. My invoice number is 0000000994.

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Peter,

      This is a problem very common for customers who purchased Canari during the MacUpdate bundle deals. They still show in our system oddly, so I can’t pinpoint where the error is.

      Regardless, please E-mail me your e-mail address associated with the purchase and your first and last name. I’ll attach it as a new purchase on your account too so this won’t occur in future updates.

  • By martim - Reply

    how do current users get the update?

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Martim,

      Please check out my comment above to Peter – explains the quickest solution :)

  • By Maurice Venning - Reply

    How do I upgrade my Canari 1.1 theme to Canari 2.0?

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Maurice,

      Please check out my comment above to Peter – explains the quickest solution :)

  • By Gilles Belot - Reply

    I am an existing customer of Canari Theme but when I log to the update link nothing happened.
    Your support will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Gilles,

      Please check out my comment above to Peter – explains the quickest solution :)

  • By Sebastien Carcone - Reply


    I used the “Retrieve Order History” but the link for the canari update 2.0 is bad. Do you have a new link for this update ?

    I have the same problem with the link for the Cre4My theme.

    Best regards,

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Sebastien,

      Please check out my comment above to Peter – explains the quickest solution :)

  • By mike - Reply

    Updated to Canari 2. Love having access to the new features. I am having issue attempting to use the new extra content areas. I am attempting to use area sections 6-7-8-9 located in the footer area.
    I am using the extra content stack element with an image element within. Utilizing the ExtraContent # box under the stack settings, I set to (for example) 9.
    I am expecting to see the image in the lower bottom right position.
    Am I using the correct methodology to control the EC position?

    Can I eliminate/manipulate the brown strip at the bottom of the page?

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Mike,

      Could you please post this question in our Support Forum. This helps in the chance that other users have the same question.

    • By Mat - Reply

      Did you ever get this sorted Mike? I’m having the same issues with the extra content stack. I can’t find anything in the support forum.

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