Parallax Orbit RapidWeaver Stack

Parallax Orbit

Parallax Orbit is a Parallaxing background effect, beautifully animating background image(s) relative to the tilt of your mobile device, or mouse position for desktops and laptops. Layer multiple transparent images on top of each other for a rich parallax effect, or use a small repeating texture to save on load time.

With Parallax Orbit, you can set a Big image – Medium Image – and Small Image, which load according to the screen size and improve performance. You also have full control over the speed, direction, and offset of each image.

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4 thoughts on “Parallax Orbit

  • By mike elliott - Reply

    do you have any instructions for the stack, i.e., in dreamweaver do you use the stack on its own, or place it inside another stack for best results, etc. ?

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Mike,

      It’s currently a RapidWeaver stack only and we’re working on a tutorial that will be out this coming week.

      We are considering a pure HTML, CSS, JS build for other software, such as Dreamweaver.


  • By sean kyne - Reply

    Can you email me your Parallax Orbit Stack instructions please. I know your working on it, but I’ll take what ever you have right now please.

    Sean Kyne

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Sean,

      Sorry for the delay in this – we’ll have a tutorial up this afternoon (in the next few hours).


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