Countdown Clock RW Stack

Countdown Clock

Countdown Clock is our latest RW Stack that allows single sections of your page to be revealed when a clock has fully counted down as well as a whole page overlay. There are 3 built-in themes that display the clock, responsive controls, colors, sizing, and more.

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More details:
Control the basic sizes and colors with the global wrapper or override them with the individual timing sections including Days, Hours, Minutes & Seconds. Wording changes dynamically and you can choose what words are used.

Overlay option will reveal the content of an entire page once the clock finishes or can alternatively redirect to another URL for added security.

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6 thoughts on “Countdown Clock

  • By Poul Sørensen - Reply

    I don’t understand the stack, is it removed a stack sektion (text, pic o.l) when the time is gone, or is it show a stack sektion(text,pic o.l.) when the time is gone.

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Poul,

      In this stack there are 2 sections by default: (1) the clock that counts down and (2) the stack section that is revealed when the clock has finished counting down. Alternatively, the first one can be replaced with a full page cover and the page is revealed when the clock is done… this can also be set to be a 301 redirect to hide the page’s content better.

  • By Poul Sørensen - Reply

    Now I have purchased Countdown, and I lack a description of the setup in more detail.
    I have the problem that I can not get anxious day, hour, minute and seconds in the Time Element. Do I need a special Stack in the Column, for the count down.
    I’m sorry to inform through this site, but I can not be allowed to send through your support page, the control number is rejected all the time ??

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Poul,

      The basic setup is going to be the Wrapper section on the outside and then all time elements placed inside of this wrapper.

      For design you can place columns inside the wrapper as well to help keep the time elements organized visually.

      For future use feel free to email us directly at

  • By Poul Sørensen - Reply

    Thanks for your reply, it works…. Actually, it’s a brilliant Stack

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Awesome Poul and glad you like it.

      I am pushing out an update here shortly too that gives the option for users to disable the full page cover – doesn’t have to be used either, just had a couple customers ask for that to be an option.

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