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The Booklit RapidWeaver Stack is an animated page display tool that presents content similar to that of a book, magazine, menu or brochure. Perfect for presenting data in a way that uses less page real estate while also engaging users in a way that keeps their interest. You can drag other stacks into the pages allowing you to use the versatility of the stacks market.

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7 thoughts on “Booklit

  • By Robert Yale - Reply

    I purchased the Booklet stack today. Is there a manual?

  • By Karl Garrett - Reply

    I ordered Booklit yesterday through PayPal. I don’t care about a discount, since I feel the stack is more than worth the $15 you charge. There don’t seem to be any instructions for downloading it. PayPal and you seem to have different email addresses for me. Both are valid.

    I am sending you a copy of the PayPal receipt via email. Please provide a download link as soon as convenient, for I’m eagerly anticipating using Booklit in a new site I’m developing.

    • By jonmeadows - Reply

      Hello Karl,

      I was able to find your order, looks like there was a small typo in the email address. I have corrected it and resent your invoice with download links. Let me know if you still have not received it.

      Also, I am going to edit your comment to remove your email addresses, I’m sure you don’t want the wrong people getting that information ;)

  • By David Bailin - Reply

    I love and am using the Booklit plugin. It is spectacular. I’d like to suggest that in developing the plugin you could consider allowing for the visitor to read the book expanded over the webpage like a the way Blurb books provides a closer yet functional view of the book.

    The problem I have is that the book is too small to read even on my large screen and I’ve had a number of visitors say that they like the affect but would like a better view of the pages. Even by clicking on the book the visitor only sees one page and then to return to the book the visitor has to hit the delete key only to be brought to the beginning of the book – not where they were last reading. To make the information readable, I’ve added a link to show the book as a pdf – but this is not very elegant.

    Could you add the capability for the booklit to expand to take up the whole screen or at least expand over the page like a lightbox or what Blurb books does when the visitor views their books?

    Regardless, this is an incredible plugin for writers and lecturers. Definately Awesome. Thanks for creating it.

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi David,

      Great recommendation. That’s definitely something I’d consider working in.

  • By Arnette - Reply

    Ditto on the size.,..that’s the only negative. I’m commenting because if you hear this enough, maybe you’ll work on it right away. Do you know of any workaround to make it larger?

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