Augment FLIP RapidWeaver Stack by 1LD

Augment Flip Release

Augment FLIP enables content to animate in the motion of a card flipping. This makes it a unique way to conceal and reveal content.

This Premium Rapid Weaver Stack uses the latest in CSS3 and also will not break older browsers such as ie8. It is programmed to be very user friendly and straight forward.

Compatible with all modern browsers.

Modern Browser Icons

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4 thoughts on “Augment Flip Release

  • By Steve Knight - Reply

    Is Au Stacks 2 only?

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Sorry Steve,

      Augment FLIP is not compatible in earlier versions of Stacks – Stacks 2 only.

  • By Mark Medford - Reply

    I emailed support earlier – cannot get the image without a border on the front or the a color to fill the backside with no border.

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Mark,

      We just sent out a mail blast, which often follows with a lot of e-mails – sorry for the delay. I’ll be sure to get your issue handled here quickly – you can expect an e-mail back shortly.

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