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twitterConnect 1.3.11 Update

Major update for twitterConnect and price increase (existing customers will be able to download the update for Free).

  • Snippet file now included in download
  • Added support for Opera

Customization UI Additions & Changes

  • Border radius (rounded corners)
  • Container shadow color
  • Tweet text color
  • Tweet background color
  • Tweet link color
  • Some re-wording for customization options
  • Twitter icon selection now drop-down menu
  • Removed: Title & header options


  • Fixed button issues
  • Fixed spacing error below last tweet
  • Fixed divider between tweets from appearing behind images
  • Fixed global control issues (control now entirely on individual twitterConnect stacks)
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2 thoughts on “twitterConnect 1.3.11 Update

  • By Don Niam - Reply

    I do not understand the email updates i receive. BTW-I did receive the email you sent regarding downloading clean videos. thank you, but when i receive an update email the link takes me to a page like this one, but how do i update the specific update? Clicking on the twitter update link above refreshes to this page. I would think while sending out the email about the update a link to download the update would be simple enough.

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Don,
      That’s a very odd problem – I’m uncertain what is causing it and that is certainly not what’s supposed to be happening. I’ll send the file to you over in an e-mail and that should resolve the problem in this instance.

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