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Super Forms 1.1.0 Update

Thank you for all your requests and feedback. The following is a list of new features made to Super Forms:

New Features:
* New Option: Create an auto response email anytime someone uses the form
* New Option: Set a custom width for the fields and align them left/center/right
* Form fields now support autofill text
* Success/Error text is now editable
* Input Fields – New Option: Set a character limit
* Input Fields – New Option: limit input to numbers only

* Fixed a bug that caused the help text to break when any formatting was added
* Fixed the calendar icon alignment
* Removed the text “note:” from the note setting
* Fixed a file path error that would cause the captcha to not work

Keep giving us feedback so we can make Super Forms even more super.

We’re extended the discount for an additional week as well in case you didn’t get a chance to grab it the first time.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_superForms_042015
Expires May 1, 2015

Check it out!

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3 thoughts on “Super Forms 1.1.0 Update

  • By Steve - Reply

    Your discount code does not work. I looked up my order and it says that I have made a purchase (see below). Please help me out so that I can work on my site. Thank you, Steve

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Steve,

      I can simply refund you the amount of the discount at this point, however I cannot find the transaction ID. I see the order “on hold” in my shopping cart, but if you did successfully checkout you’ll have a Transaction ID – if you give me that number I can process the refund for you.f

      Please email me those details at:

      If you didn’t go through with the checkout make sure there is no spaces in the discount code – I did just check it and it’s working, so likely just a space was added.

      Best regards,

  • By Zac Crawford - Reply

    Hi there,
    I’m finding that the superforms stack is pushing the content to one side. Is there a solution?

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