Live Search 1.5 Update

Live Search 1.5 Update

Some major updates and fixes have been included in the latest update of Live Search.

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List of updates:
- The search description will now show a snippet of text that contains the searched term.
- New option to only search the pages that you list.
- Live Search by default will search every inner link listed on the page instead of just those found in the main navigation menu.
- You can now exclude page from the search results by adding <!–NOSEARCH–> to the prefix.
- Increased support for older versions of IE.
- Improved SEO friendliness.
- Fixed: When including apostrophes in the Customize/Text Language input fields, the Stack will no longer error out.
- Fixed a bug that could cause Hide Terms to not function properly.
- Fixed a bug that caused the search results to bring up multiple of the same page.
- Fixed a bug that would sometime cause custom search description to not display. Other minor bug fixes.

Check it out!

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