Facebook Connect 2.0 RapidWeaver Stack

Facebook Connect 2.0

Facebook Connect is one of our best selling stacks and with the new update it has even more features.

Facebook Connect is perfect for driving your audience to your Facebook pages, posts and boosting your followers. This update allows you to now embed both Facebook Pages & Facebook Posts to any Stacks page.

This is a free update
25% Discount Code: 25_fbConnect_052015
Offer Expires May 16, 2015

Check it out!

Note this is a large re-build so updates must be done using our Purchase Order Lookup page.

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6 thoughts on “Facebook Connect 2.0

  • By Ian - Reply

    Hi – if I try to update via a download link on my order page, I can only download v1.1.0. I’m I doing something wrong ? Thanks, Ian

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Ian,

      Please email tech support – it sounds like I may need to send you a new copy. When you do please provide an invoice number or the email address attached to the purchase. If you can’t locate any information just let me know and I’ll help find it for you too :)


      Best regards,

  • By Nils Weyland - Reply

    Hi, just tell me.
    Why is the Width of embed FB Pages limited to 500 px?
    I can’t choose a higher width there. My page setup is 1000 px and I would like to fill it more. Is it, because the original FB Page is 500 px maximum?

    Thank you.

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Nils,

      Your assumption is correct – Facebook limits the width for the FB page to 500px.

  • By Francisco - Reply

    Hi –

    I need more direction on using this stack. I’ve followed you’re “adding moderator” and nothing happens.
    When i publish I get a “log in” on my page.
    Ideally I would like my Facebook Embed Page.
    Is there a video or more direction somewhere else?

    thank you.

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Francisco,

      Please send us an email on our support page. It’s easiest for us to provide tech support of email.

      Best regards,

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