Control Panel 2.0

Control Panel 2.0

Update includes a greatly improved user interface for the customization section. In addition, new inherit options, pixel vs percentages for sizing controls, hexadecimal or rgba color controls, and other features that speed up, simplify, or add complexity to stack design control.

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2 thoughts on “Control Panel 2.0

  • By MURAT PULAT - Reply

    I purchased and using Control Panel and I want to upgrade to the latest version but I can find purchase upgrade option is it possible or will I buy in full price.

    Thanks & Regards

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Murat,

      The Control Panel update is free, though depending on what version you are current running you may need to manually update using our Purchase Order Lookup form here:

      If you are having trouble receiving the update and can’t find your order simply e-mail me using the “Support” link in the footer below and I’ll help you get it :)

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